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People Who Died 2005

Our Annual Ode To Late, Lesser-Known Culture-Shapers

Daniel Krall

Posted 12/28/2005

OK, so it hasn’t been such a great year. Natural disaster, war, pestilence—are those hoofbeats we hear? And in addition to the massive loss of life suffered thanks to tragic events such as tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, disease, and combat, we’ve lost any number of individual notables—from Johnny Carson to Peter Jennings, Arthur Miller to Hunter S. Thompson, Robert Moog to Bobby Short, Andrea Dworkin to Shirley Chisholm, and, of course, in a class of his own, Richard Pryor. But what a truly sad and depressing world this would be if we had never had the benefit of their lives and works. And that’s the idea behind our annual People Who Died issue; celebrating the lives of those who, in some way, changed our lives in some way, even if their passing didn’t get a mention on the evening news or the Sun’s obituary page. R.I.P.


Endless Summer Martin Denny
Changeling Andre Norton
Preach On Lyn Collins
Diggin’ Up Bones John H. Ostrom
Exit the Dragon Esther Wong
Sound and Vision Luc Ferrari
The Motley Woman Constance Baker Motley
The Big Chill-Out Leo Sternbach

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