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What a Wonderful World

Posted 4/19/2006

News From Elsewhere That’s Probably News To You

When it was discovered that British 12-year-old Hannah Clark’s body was rejecting the heart transplanted into her chest 10 years before, doctors removed the donated heart and restarted her original heart, which had been left in place. Her original heart, which was originally replaced because of cardiomyopathy, had apparently healed and is now working fine. (The Guardian/London)

After a government fee freeze was lifted recently, doctors in Zimbabwe raised their fees by 100 percent. Meanwhile, patients at one cash-strapped hospital in the city of Bulawayo were subsisting on two meals of cabbage and corn mush a day. ( Africa)

The Danish dairy industry suffered an 85 percent drop in export business in February, thanks to Muslim boycotts as a result of the infamous Mohammed cartoons. (Reuters)

The North Korean government recently asked the South Korean government for aid in the form of 300,000 tons of fertilizer. (BBC)

Carmaker Toyota is rumored to be working on improvements to its hybrid Prius model that increase its gas mileage to over 100 mpg. (

Indonesian authorities have moved to discourage the further publication of an Indonesian version of Playboy magazine, despite the fact that the Indonesian version does not feature nude photographs. (BBC)

The Italian government declined to ask the United States to extradite 22 suspected CIA agents to face Italian justice. Prosecutors in the city of Milan wanted to put them on trial for their part in allegedly kidnapping a Muslim cleric and flying him to Egypt in 2003. (Reuters)

Press Release of the Week

Candid Cameras

Think nothing productive got done in Annapolis this session?

Well, consider this bit of legislation, championed by Del. Neil Quinter (D-Howard County), that passed April 10 and prohibits the practices of “upskirting” and “downblousing.” The press release issued by Quinter’s office April 11 sums up the bill as aimed at “perverts who . . . use small or concealed cameras, including cell phone cameras, cameras hidden in briefcases, and cameras hidden in shopping bags, to surreptitiously take photographic and video pictures up women’s skirts and down their blouses,” it says. Quinter is quoted in the release as saying, “Current Maryland law protects people from video peeping in private places, but I believe that up women’s skirts and down their blouses are private places, too.”

The press release notes that Quinter tried to get an “upskirting” legislation passed last session as well, but the Senate failed to bring the bill up for a vote before the session ended. H

Press release courtesy of Del. Neil Quinter’s office.

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