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The News Hole

What a Wonderful World

Mao Zedong

Posted 4/26/2006

News From Elsewhere That’s Probably News To You

Oil-rich Nigeria has established a new governmental office: the National Oil Spillage Detection and Response Agency. In 2003, Shell Oil Co. reported more than 200 spills in Nigerian waters, most of them allegedly caused by vandalism. (

A massive memorial to former Soviet dictator Josef Stalin will be rebuilt in the Russian city of Kureika. Constructed by gulag labor, the original memorial was closed by Nikita Kruschev in 1961 and later damaged by fire. Meanwhile, the Chinese government plans to erect a towering statue of the late Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong near Lhasa, Tibet. (BBC)

Add Chikungunya virus to the list of worrisome pathogens that may be spreading around the globe. Transmitted only by mosquito bites, Chikungunya causes flulike symptoms plus a rash and often intense pain in the small joints of the body—one of its nicknames is “knuckle fever.” (

A feminist group has asked the government of France to dispense using the term mademoiselle on official documents; the group suggests using madame for all women, young or old, married or not. (BBC)

The Morgue
Chronicles of Old Baltimore

Wore Husband’s Clothes

“Mrs. Annie Mack” masqueraded and was arrested.

While masquerading in male attire a young woman, who gave her name as Annie Mack, was arrested last night by Patrolman Klingenberg of the Northeastern district on Patterson Park avenue, near Jefferson street. She was charged with being disorderly on the street. . . . To the police last night the woman said that she had donned male attire to do a little detective work, with her husband as the quarry. She had proceeded only a short distance, however, when her sex was discovered by some small boys, who immediately began to crowd around to see the unusual sight. The woman took to her heels in an effort to evade the boys, but her action only augmented the crowd, and she was being followed by nearly a hundred persons when Patrolman Klingenberg hove in sight and took her in custody.

Source:The Baltimore News, April 26, 1906

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