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Be Glad You’re Not in Baghdad

Posted 5/17/2006

In regard to Brian Morton’s column (Political Animal, May 10), he knows little about modern history. He complains that some Marylanders may have to stand in long lines after work to vote and that would be terrible. Really . . . it should be considered a privilege to vote in a free country without fear of reprisal. Only months ago, Iraqis walked for miles and stood in very long lines, fearing for their lives from terrorist attacks, to have the freedom to vote in a new democracy. Shame on Morton for badmouthing the governor for trying to prevent voter fraud, which has been around forever.

Regina Sztajer

Tortured Logic

In regard to Russ Smith (Right Field, May 10) referring to Sen. John McCain: “With a straight face he can appear with Teddy Kennedy at a press conference about the U.S. military’s alleged torture in Iraq. . . .” (Right Field, May 10)

Alleged? What planet is Smith living on? Does he believe that the photos of Abu Ghraib are faked or touch-ups? If so, I’d like to sell him the Hanover Street Bridge.

Gerald Ben Shargel

Never Let ’em See You Shuck

I read Russ Smith’s article (Right Field,” May 3) about the nigro (a cross between the N-word and a Negro with national idealism of extreme patriotism—definition by Afrocentric feminist Larnell Custis Butler) Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, and his tactic of “attaching no importance” to his senatorial campaign. Why is Russ Smith crying the blues? In my opinion, Michael Steele is the “baby nigro” white conservatives created to keep economic power in their white race.

Smith seems to be leaking from both ends of his body because he cannot understand Steele’s “do nothing” campaign tactics. I will probably have to send Russ a roll of highly priced toilet paper (79 cents a roll in ghetto neighborhoods) and a box of tissues for his rose-colored teary eyes.

Let me make it plain. The black man Michael Steele is acting the way he has been instructed to act: Don’t do any visible sweating, or anything stupid to get you in hot water, because you have this senatorial election in the bag. You already won—just don’t act like you have. Are you certain that you can tell the difference between a knife and a fork, Mr. Steele?

If Steele is employing the “Rose Garden” strategy, it’s because he will know how to act in the White House Rose Garden once he is elected as Maryland’s first black U.S. senator.

Michael Steele represents the best dog pal of conservative Republicans and Democrats. Some white folks love their dogs better than poor black folks, or any poor folks. That is the reason dogs who live with middle-class to rich white conservative folks have the best health care and shelter. (Mr. Steele, Larnell Butler needs a senior living apartment with Catholic Charities, can you help me? My wait may be two years.)

Michael Steele is no black brother who cares about poor folks and, if elected, will not be obligated to be the “welfare king” in the U.S. Senate. Steele is mainstream “white middle-class conservative America.” He’s the lawn jockey that will light the dark places in black communities. He will say to black folks, “Please the white master-God, do no harm to the system of white supremacy.” How can I free my mind on that idea?

Larnell Custis Butler

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