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Murder Ink

By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 5/17/2006

Murders This Week: 3
Murders This Year: 96

Shardae Coles, a 19-year-old African-American woman, was arrested May 8 and charged with the murder of 1-year-old Zion Clemmons, who died May 7. According to the Baltimore Police Department, Coles was a friend of Clemmons’ mother and had been caring for the child when he stopped breathing.

Tuesday, May 9

3:52 p.m. David Snow, a 24-year-old African-American man, parked in front of his girlfriend’s house in the 2600 block of Quantico Avenue with another man in the car. Someone walked up to the car and opened fire on the two men. They were able to get out and run. The passenger, who was shot several times in the chest, got a ride to Sinai Hospital. He survived. Snow, who had been shot twice in the face and twice in the body, was found by police officers and taken to Sinai. He died three hours later.

Friday, May 12

10:45 a.m. Jeremiah Pinder, a 56-year-old African-American man, died three weeks after he was stabbed. On April 23 at 1:01 p.m. police found Pinder in his home in the 3400 block of Round Road in Cherry Hill. He had been stabbed numerous times. Before he went to the hospital, Pinder told police that his live-in girlfriend stabbed him. At Maryland Shock Trauma Center, he identified her from a photo array. On April 26, his girlfriend, Antoinette White, a 45-year-old African-American woman, was arrested. According to police, she confessed. On May 11 Pinder was taken off a respirator. He died the next day. White is now being charged with first-degree murder.

Saturday, May 13

5:37 p.m. Two men went to the Divine Unity Hair Salon in the 2200 block of Garrison Boulevard. One stood outside, while the other broke the glass in the screen door and went into the salon. He pointed a gun at the customers and demanded money from the register. Justice Georgie, the husband of the salon owner, knocked over part of the counter as he tried to overpower the man, but the robber shot Georgie in the head and continued ransacking the salon before leaving. Georgie was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma Center, where he died that evening. Georgie’s wife and young son were in the salon when he was killed.

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