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Believe it or Don’t

Posted 5/24/2006

While Mayor Martin O’Malley’s BELIEVE imperative was a nice idea, I believe it has run out of shock value and become simply a local puzzlement for out-of-towners. I will consider voting for the mayoral candidate who creates the most relevant, galvanizing new imperative for Baltimore (“The Next Mayor Is...,” May 17). To help the candidates along, I suggest City Paper stage a contest for the new Baltimore imperative. If you do, my entry will be DON’T!

Herman M. Heyn

Luck Be a Tabby

Wow! I think Shabby Tabby just got very lucky (<Shabby Tabby, Comics, May 17)! I loved the most recent drawing and take it as a very, very good sign. Nice going, Valerie Crosswhite.

Annina Luck

Too Short

As if your rag didn’t already trash the Baltimore music scene enough, you are now choosing to ignore large parts of it. The Short List, once written by the competent, if jaded, Bret McCabe, has now been taken over by Jess Harvell, who can’t even look up more than one show per daily Short List entry. What the hell is that? Does he read anything other than advertisements in his own damn paper? I mean, rock ’n’ roll shows (and those of many other genres, I imagine) have been struggling enough with the upsurge in disc-jockey rock stardom, but now, unless one wants to have to read every nauseating page of this newsprint handkerchief (including the ads of varying size and quality), there isn’t a single rundown of musical events for each weekend. That’s just plain lazy and shortsighted.

Tell Harvell to get off the couch and catch a whiff of what’s actually happening down here in the clubs and spaces of Baltimore. According to his blog, he listens to jungle and blip-techno. Where did you find this guy, Sonar five years ago?

Dan Owen

Join the Club

Although I feel for the victims, I was, to say the least, entertained to hear about the new and improved adventures of Paloma’s and River (“Club Dreams,” Mobtown Beat, May 3). The reporting was quite eye-opening. Unfortunately, Robert Fogle’s response (“We Get Voice Mail,” Newshole, May 10) was inappropriate and bitter. I for one will eagerly and voluntarily join Van Smith’s exclusion from the club.

Natalie Salabes

By Any Other Name...

Boy, I can see the kids at Baltimore School for the Arts having a field day with this news of Donald Hicken’s real name (Arts & Entertainment, May 17). Even my daughter, a former BSA student, burst into laughter. I hope City Paper keeps up the great work on these human interest stories from the theater world, because I enjoy reading them. Thank you, Donald Hicken, for being there for your students (and parents), present and former. When my daughter came back from New York, seeking advice from Donald (and his staff) was first on“our” mind!

Sharon Wright

Clarification: Our May 17 Mobtown Beat story “Systemic Failures” reported that Iva T. Cruse, the grandmother of Ciara Jobes, “says that Jobes’ murder tells the story of a ‘web of neglect’ on the part of [Satrina] Roberts and several city agencies who failed the teenager.” Although it is formally named the Baltimore City Department of Social Services, the Baltimore City Department of Social Services is a state agency that reports to the Maryland Department of Human Resources.

Editor’s note: was recently named Best Weekly Newspaper-Affiliated Web Service as part of Editor & Publisher magazine’s prestigious annual EPpy Awards, which recognize online media nationally. Hearty congratulations go out to online editor Tim Hill.

City Paper also won a number of honors in the local chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists’ 2006 SPJ Awards. Among weeklies with a circulation larger than 10,000, senior staff writer Van Smith won first place in General Reporting for “Cop Out” (April 6, 2005), while special projects editor Anna Ditkoff tied for second place for “The Toll” (Jan. 19, 2005). Staff writer Edward Ericson Jr.’s “Prisoners of Bureaucracy” (April 13, 2005) won first place in Public Service Reporting. Staff writer Gadi Dechter won second place in Feature Reporting for “XXXXXXXL” (Aug. 10, 2005), and staff writer Christina Royster-Hemby’s “Running Man” (Sept. 7, 2005) won honorable mention in the same category. Gadi also took first place in Column Writing for Media Circus. And CP contributing photographers Jefferson Jackson Steele and Frank Klein won the top two prizes for Photo Feature: J.J. won first place for “GSW*” (March 30, 2005), and Frank took second for “Family Album” (June 29, 2005). Congratulations to one and all.

And we’re not the only ones to win something recently. Malini Mansharamani won an all-access pass to the recent Maryland Film Festival by being the first to answer our trivia questions correctly (Film Fest Frenzy, May 10). Way to go.

This week is, of course, our annual Sizzlin’ Summer issue, stuffed to the gills with all things hot and sticky. Our usual news, arts, and whatever coverage returns next week.

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