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Posted 7/5/2006

In his most recent letter to you ("Prescription for Addiction," The Mail, June 28) U.S. Senate candidate A. Robert Kaufman—as so often!—is right on the mark about the drug and alcohol problem solutions that we need. While I don’t agree with him on all points, I am nonetheless gratified that Mr. Kaufman exists and speaks his mind, in that he says things that mainstream political candidates won’t and don’t dare to, even though they know he’s right.

Another service that Bob performs is that he continually pushes the envelope and thus keeps all the rest of us political types both intellectually honest and on our toes. From time to time, it’s good to roll a live hand grenade under the stalls in the men’s room: if only to keep the b’hoys a-hoppin’!

In this same issue, I also think that Political Animal Brian Morton’s analysis of the current U.S. Senate race as of
today—that is, June 28—is brilliant, and maybe even accurate.

Here’s an observation of my own, historically, on the governor and slots: Way back there in ’02, Robert Ehrlich knew right from the starting gate of his first gubernatorial campaign that they would never be enacted into law in his hoped-for eight years in office, but—after all—he needed to say something positive when he wasn’t bashing Kathleen Kennedy Townsend outright. The rest of his campaign was so thin that it isn’t worth mentioning, except for his astute, timely, correct, and brilliant choice of Michael Steele as his running mate.

Interestingly enough, allegedly better politicos than Bobby, Helen Delich Bentley and Ellen Sauerbrey, dropped the ball when given that same possibility of choice in 1994 and 1998. One must give our governor credit where it’s due: He is the best Maryland politician since William Donald Schaefer first became mayor of Baltimore in 1971. As Grand Adm. Karl Dönitz told Albert Speer about Hitler once, "He knows his business." Indeed, he does!

Blaine Taylor

To Kimberly Sheridan, who wrote a letter published in last week’s City Paper ("The Kids Are Alright," The Mail, June 28): You’re a fucking genius. I’ve spent many a conversation going on and on about my position regarding The Marriage Issue, unable to reduce my thoughts to a solid platform and boring my listeners to tears. Your letter speaks my mind and, I’m certain, the minds of many others. Bravo. I’ve cut out your letter and put it on my fridge so I can read it several times a day.

Stacey Hopkins

Raw Love

As a member of the vegan community (about 75 percent raw), I would just like to give my praise to David Morley for his lovely article and his attempt at raw veganism ("An Uncooked Tour," June 21). My family, all of whom are carnivores, have a hard time accepting my lifestyle, personal views, and dietary needs/exclusions. Finally, through City Paper, I was able to give them a piece of writing, which wasn’t from a long book or boring article, so that they can try to understand or at least appreciate me for who I am. Thanks, again, for this much needed piece on veganism; I got my boyfriend to try some foods that I eat regularly as mentioned in the article post-reading—though not any way near being even vegetarian or piscatarian, at least he throws a mango or dates in now and again!

Chanan Delivuk
Glen Burnie

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