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Smith Misleads on Cardin

Posted 9/6/2006

In Russ Smithís column ("One Race at a Time," Right Field, Aug. 23), he errs twice in his assessment of Ben Cardinís positions. He writes: "One of Cardinís strengths with Democratic voters is his advocacy of universal health care."

Advocacy? Since 2005, Cardin has received $15,000 from HMOs and $9,000 from pharmaceutical companies--the very industries fighting tooth and nail against a universal health care system. How much is Cardin going to advocate for real health care reform when these industries are buying him off?

Secondly, Smith writes, "Cardin, unlike Lieberman, has compiled a consistent record of opposing President Bushís prosecution of the war in Iraq."

Wrong again. While Cardin did not give Bush authorization to invade Iraq in 2003, he has voted for every request by President Bush to fund the war. In addition, Cardin opposed a May 25, 2005, resolution calling for a plan to withdraw the troops from Iraq and supported a July 20, 2005, resolution that authorized President Bush to keep U.S. troops in Iraq until he finds that the mission is completed.

Voters beware.

Michael Melick

The writer is campaign manager for U.S. Senate candidate A. Robert Kaufman.

M for Mayhem

I read Brian Mortonís "The M Word" (Political Animal, Aug. 23); the writer is a gifted muse of language prophecy. As I see it, U.S. Sen. George Allen of Virginia has deep-seated bigotry in his mental consciousness. He is proud to be an American and he is proud to be a bigot with a hidden agenda that he does not want to associate with black people or people of color.

The sad fact is that well-meaning white people who are supposed to be "All Godís Children" kind of Christians are not making Sen. George Allen feel bad (humiliated) about his "monkey" remarks to an American-born young college student. In my judgment, Sen. Allen is a white racist, and his "M word" remarks unveiled a white manís desperation to keep his white skin a symbol of white supremacy outside of the humanity of people of color.

As an Afrocentric feminist, I was born and raised in Virginia. When I was a young woman, the state of Virginia had a slogan of "Virginia is for lovers." It was a flat-out lie because the state of Virginia was, and still is, a polite racist state of stupidity and bigotry. Black folks in Virginia who were and are poor have known for years that white folks perceive them the same way Allen does--as monkeys. I seldom visit the state of Virginia because there are a great many people like Sen. George Allen there, with a prideful spirit of sacred bigotry.

In my opinion, the educated uppity Negroes in our black race should be angry as hell at Allenís remark. Their silence is shameful, and their well-behaving mental state has the educated Negroes in a frustrating dilemma of being an American or being black. It is the reason why poor people in Louisiana are suffering. Educated Negroes in America will not voice their collective opinions that the Bush administration did not protect people they perceived as human waste--poor people--before, during, and after Katrina.

I must go back and read again the books The Coming Race War in America by Carl Rowan and Mojo Rising by Arthur Flowers. God bless me with some mojo spirit to break the chains of racism in America.

We black folks are taking a lot of stuff from people who do not have any concern for our welfare. Some white plantation masters died when the mojo pot was stirred in the slave quarters by any means necessary.

Larnell Custis Butler

Correction: In our recent interview with Dr. Robert Gallo ("HIV Positive," Aug. 23) we mistakenly wrote that Gallo was focusing some of his AIDS relief efforts in Ghana. He is actually focusing them on Guyana. We regret the error.

Editorís note: Mobtown Beat does not run in this issue. Instead, our hard-working reporters have put together an extra-large Campaign Beat package for your Only One More Week Before the Primary Election reading pleasure. Murder Ink, which usually runs in Mobtown Beat, appears this week in the Newshole. And finally, Right Field will not appear this week.

We will return to your regularly scheduled City Paper content next week.

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