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The News Hole

What a Wonderful World

Posted 9/27/2006

A Rwandan woman is under arrest after admitting that she killed a 5-year-old girl, cooked the girl's foot, and then ate it. Madeleine Mjawamariya and an accomplice poisoned and strangled Ariette Mukamusoni, a neighborhood girl, and Mjawamariya then cooked Mukamusoni's foot "in a saucepan" before devouring it as part of a folk cure for infertility. ( Africa)

Two top officials of a Dutch company have been detained in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, after 400 tons of petroleum-based toxic waste were discovered dumped around the city. The waste is believed to have come from a tanker ship chartered by the company, Trafigura Beheer BV, which had previously tried unsuccessfully to off-load the waste for treatment in Amsterdam. More than 40,000 city residents have sought medical attention since the dumping in August, and as many as seven may have died as a result of exposure to the chemicals. (

Zimbabwe's inflation rate reached 1,204 percent in August. (BBC)

The recipient of the world's first penis transplant has had the new organ removed after less than two weeks. The transplant was considered successful, but the unnamed man, who had damaged his own penis severely in an accident, opted to have the donated penis taken off in part due to his wife's "psychological rejection." (Reuters)

More than 750,000 people were arrested on charges related to marijuana in the United States in 2005. That's more than 42 percent of all drug arrests, and more arrests than for all forms of violent crime combined. (

Fifty-five children being treated in a hospital in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, are believed to have been infected with HIV via a contaminated supply of donated blood. (BBC)

The Morgue

The Jones Falls, 100 Years Ago This Week

Source: The Baltimore News, Sept. 27, 1906

For Fine Boulevard. Jones' Falls Improvement Association Will Push Project. Permanent organization of the Jones' Falls Improvement Association was effected yesterday afternoon at a meeting in the office of Building Inspector James H. Preston. . . . "Our aim," said [Preston], "is to change Jones' Falls from a dirty sewer, running the entire length of Baltimore city, to a most useful and in time beautiful boulevard. The bed of the stream should be made a part of the storm-water sewerage system."

Do as I Say, Not as I Do, 80 Years Ago This Week

Source: The Baltimore Daily Post, Sept. 27, 1926

Budnitz Hasn't Signed Pledge; `What Pledge'? He Asks Reporter. Prohibition Director Budnitz today admitted he has signed no pledge to abstain from using liquor, as it was reported from Washington that all dry officials must do. In fact, Budnitz asked, "what pledge"? when questioned today about it.

Prohibitive Costs, 80 Years Ago This Week

Source: The Baltimore Daily Post, Sept. 29, 1926

Wood Alcohol May Cost Man's Life. Another Blinded By Liquid; 5 Ill, Are Sent To Jail. Seven Alleged To Have Engaged In Drinking Bout Despite Labels Indicating Poison On Bottle. One man is dying, another blinded, and five others seriously affected as the outcome of an alleged drinking bout in which wood alcohol, said to have been plainly labeled poison, was consumed. John Gill, 32, of the 1200 block N. Fremont-av, was found unconcious by police in a hallway near his home. About him were six others, dazed and maudlin. Two empty bottles, with the flaring red label: "Wood Alcohol-Deadly Poison. Not To Be Taken Internally," lay on the floor nearby, police said.

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