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What A Wonderful World

Posted 10/25/2006

A man who was arrested for drug possession in Racine, Wis., was also carrying a GPS device when detained. Sheriff's deputies fed the device's various saved coordinates into Google Maps and located several remote areas where the man had been growing marijuana. (

An Australian farmer commits suicide every four days thanks to an ongoing six-year drought. (BBC)

The water level of Kenya's Lake Victoria has dropped a meter over the past three months. Experts blame increased human demand on the waters feeding the lake as well as unusually high levels of evaporation. (The Standard/Nairobi)

At least 126 Africans, mostly Somalis, have died or disappeared while trying to cross the Gulf of Aden to Yemen illegally. In one case, witnesses say, smugglers threw five Ethiopians overboard where they were attacked by sharks while the other passengers watched. ( Africa)

Union Products, the Massachusetts company that manufactures plastic pink flamingos, is going out of business. (The Guardian/United Kingdom)

The central bank of Kazakhstan recently issued a batch of notes on which the Kazakh word for "bank" was misspelled. (

The governments of Spain and Morocco have announced plans to build an undersea tunnel beneath the Straits of Gibraltar, thereby linking Europe and Africa by rail. Barring any major unforeseen difficulties, service could begin as early as 2025. (The Guardian/United Kingdom)

Twenty-nine percent of people polled in 25 countries around the world told the BBC World Service that the use of torture was acceptable in the fight against terrorism. Thirty-six percent of those polled in the United States agreed that it was acceptable. (BBC)

Some 18 million African children will be orphaned by 2010 because of HIV/AIDS. (

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