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Ooh, Scary!

Halloween Masks VII

Shield of Doom

Criminals should fear this civic symbol. Unfortunately, many ordinary citizens now fear it, too, thanks to “quality of life” policing that can land them in jail over little or nothing. Download large version.

The Malign Sign

Will the infernal torment ever end? Like comeuppance in an Edgar Allan Poe tale, this blazon haunts our fitful dreams. (This mask is especially scary to anyone who doesn’t have to be selling a house right now.) Download large version.

Jim Lucio

Hell Hound

Think what you will about Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, but if he’s our next U.S. senator strictly because he says he loves these, then we are in deep shit. Download large version.

The Vote Snatcher

Maybe it works fine, maybe it doesn’t. But doesn’t the fact that you kinda wonder make you a little less eager to give over your franchise to its inhuman clutches? Download large version.

It Came From Beneath the Earth

All your poop-on-your-food phobias made bitter, gritty flesh. At least now we know our moms were wrong: Eating your greens isn’t always good for you after all. Download large version.

Dial of Terror

Do you dare touch it? Do you dare not touch it? An icy existence or grinding poverty thanks to hiked-up energy prices? It’s a devil’s bargain for sure. Download large version.

Posted 10/25/2006

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