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Fine Whine

Posted 11/1/2006

I very much enjoyed Edward Ericson Jr.'s article on Robert Ehrlich's inherent whininess ("The Caricature Issue," Oct. 25), which is, I think, what many of the governor's issues with liberals and the press boil down to.

For the record, though, much as I like them, those clay busts of Ehrlich look more like Tom DeLay than Bobby Haircut.

Steve Peterson

The writer is an occasional City Paper contributor.

How Green is My Rally

Thanks to Erin Sullivan for her great article on the Green Party candidates ("Shades of Green," Mobtown Beat, Oct. 25). Please note that Charm City Green Party also supports 40th District delegate candidate Jan Danforth in addition to Ed Boyd and James Madigan, Green candidates for governor and lieutenant governor, Maria Allwine for state Senate in the 43rd, and myself for delegate in the 43rd.

This past July, Jan filed to run for office minutes after registering to vote for the very first time in her life! Jan has been a great candidate, and her run shows that there is a home in our party for those who feel that neither of the two major parties represents them.

Also, no one running for office as a Green is a member of the Greater Homewood Community Corp., which in recent years, has become a millionaires' club. In fact, we protested GHCC earlier this year when it invited BGE to address the public about the rate hikes and refused to have a citizens' rights activist on the panel to counter BGE spin. Our protest led to the cancellation of the forum.

As Ms. Sullivan noted, the Boyd campaign protested outside of Maryland Public Television for exclusion from the debates. Why did Robert Ehrlich and Martin O'Malley not want Ed in the debates?

Ed Boyd is the first African-American to ever lead a statewide ticket in the general election. I guess that is one of the reasons why the O'Malley team helped to exclude him. The Democrats are running a lily-white ticket of wealthy, corporate-funded political insiders, and after dismissing concerns about lack of diversity on the Democratic Party ticket, O'Malley would not want Boyd publicly challenging the Baltimore City mayor on his racist arrest policies.

The vast majority of voters would have appreciated Ed's message, but they did not get to hear it thanks to the O'Malley and Ehrlich teams, the corporate local news networks, and, sadly, Maryland Public Television. Pat Warren, from WJZ-TV, refused to interview Ed as she went into the MPT studio.

But thanks again to City Paper for its coverage of Boyd and us Greens running this year, and for their highlighting the fact that the gubernatorial campaign is a three-way race. I only wish that the networks were as enlightened.

Brandy Baker

We Actually Meant Edgar Bergen Poe?

I'm a pretty forgiving reader, but I find it shameful that your copy editor and fact checker didn't catch the misspelling of the middle name of that Edgar Whatsisface Poe guy ("Ink Stains," Arts & Entertainment, Oct. 25). You know who I'm talking about--the dour, hard-partying, moustache-sporting fellow who lived in Baltimore for a while and wrote a bunch of scary stories about talking birds and people getting bricked up in walls and stuff. The guy who is buried at Fayette and Greene and has a mysterious bottle of cognac delivered on his birthday--that dude.

I mean, I can totally understand if you spelled H.L. Macon's name wrong, or maybe even Anne Tylor's. But Poe? Harm City's own master of the macob? Gimme a freakin' break.

Please cancel my prescription.

Mike Hughes

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