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Comedic Embarrassment

Senator Shamed by Borat; Hides Face From the Nose

Posted 11/29/2006

The Nose recently was walking up the aisle of the Charles Theatre, trying our mightiest to blot out the fresh image of Boratís face buried deep in his producerís ample, splayed ass, when we saw an apt critique of the 84-minute gag fest. It was Marylandís retiring U.S. senator, Paul Sarbanes, his left hand covering the side of his face apparently to avoid being recognized by exiting theatergoers. He looked as if heíd been caught watching Deep Throat at the Apex Theatre. Without Sarbanesí hand-in-the-cookie-jar posture, we never wouldíve caught the whiff of a story.

We wanted to ask Sarbanes what he thought of Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, and waited for a short while in the lobby to greet him as he exited, but our patience wore out before he emerged. We placed a call to his office, seeking the senatorís thoughts about the movie, but never heard back. íNuff said, we suppose, since Sarbanesí body language sufficed: The senator apparently was embarrassed even to be seen watching the blockbuster--an accomplishment, of sorts, in a culture largely inured to shocking entertainment.

Note to the retiring four-term senator: Next time, wait for the DVD release, thereby avoiding the public indignity of being seen at a screening of an offensive movie. And congrats to Borat creators Sacha Baron Cohen and Larry Charles for putting out something that made even a U.S. senator shy.

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