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Put Your Money Where Your Motto Is

Local Doctor Gives Stephanie Rawlings-Blake A Pop Quiz

Frank Klein
City Council President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

Posted 6/27/2007

The Nose recently needed to go to the doctor. Being particular about the quality of our health care, we visit a local doctor of good repute and much experience. During the course of the examination, the good doctor shared with the Nose an amusing tale.

This doctor says he was recently summoned to breakfast by City Council President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, whereupon Rawlings-Blake asked for $4,000 for her campaign. The doctor, who understands politics, says he asked her to answer three questions:

1) Who came up with the slogan "Greatest City in America" and why? "Because it's obviously a lie," he says.

2) Who invented the slogan "The City That Reads?" Asked for the same reason, he says.

3) What does "Believe" mean?

According to the doctor, Rawlings-Blake could not answer the first two queries. "Greatest City in America" was a slogan adopted for the city by former Mayor Martin O'Malley in 2002; "The City That Reads" came from O'Malley's predecessor, Kurt Schmoke. Rawlings-Blake was elected to the council in 1995, during Schmoke's reign, so the questions were less of a history lesson for her than a memory test. And maybe a test of wit.

Regarding "Believe," the doctor reports, Rawlings-Blake said something along the lines of "it's just a saying." Rawlings-Blake (or her people) also spelled the doctor's name wrong on correspondence.

The doctor informs the Nose that he declined to donate to Rawlings-Blake's campaign.

When contacted in regard to this story, Rawlings-Blake's office had no comment.

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