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Bashing Butler

Posted 9/5/2007 I the only person who thinks that City Paper gives way too much voice to the rantings of the always "outraged" Afrocentric feminist Larnell Custis Butler ("Ball Busting," The Mail, Aug. 29)? Surely the stories in the paper warrant comment from people other than her!

As a sublimely happy, nonreligious, steeped in logic, freethinking, humanist gay black man (who is quite comfortable in his skin, thank you), I do not think that the suppression of facts is cause to ring the alarm, or being badged a sexist if you don't support Sheila Dixon and just so happen to have a penis!

If there are relevant facts that voters need to make an informed decision in this election, they should be brought to light. Personally, I support Jill Carter--she seems like the only candidate who hasn't made a career out of creating the huge disparities that are currently plaguing Baltimore on every level, and has a real plan to make laudable change, and it doesn't hurt that she's hot. Am I still coined a sexist?

Truth be told, I am far more frightened of any religious group (or person) that would further sanction the suppression of free thought, free press, and free expression, because it doesn't support its particular brand of Kool-Aid. I am even more afraid of a politician who makes it into office, who is supposed to represent a diverse constituency, who would become the handpicked puppet of whatever religious sanction that supports or backs him 0r her at the time of his or her public service. Hasn't living under the Bush regime given us an awful taste of what possibly living in a theocracy could feel like? After all, the Founding Fathers had the logic to keep religion and politics separate for good reason--to protect EVERYONE! That reason and logic stands sound today.

Keep publishing the facts, City Paper! It seems like this is the only publication I can depend upon to get the unadulterated truth about what's really going on in my new hometown that I already love so much, quirks and all...just like me!

Wallace Farmer

Editor Lee Gardner responds: For the record, we have no vested interest in advancing Ms. Butler's viewpoints, though they are sometimes sharp and often entertaining. The Mail page is for the readers to express their views about the paper and its contents, and we run pretty much every letter that comes in that meets our relatively minimal criteria. We tend to run a lot of letters from Ms. Butler because she writes us a lot of letters. More mail from other readers (yourself included) is always welcome.

No More Head-Bashing . . .

Can you guys lose the hard-on you have for the Talking Head Club and take the high road for once? (Critic's Pick, Aug. 29). City Paper is starting to read more like an internet message board than an outlet of professional journalism.

Come on, guys, grow up.

Matthew Selander

Equine Rights Now!

OK, so even if you do believe those government-appointed vets who say the arabbers' horses were in good condition after coming out of their condemned shacks, what about their mental well-being ("All the Pretty Horses," Mobtown Beat, Aug. 22)? I once asked Dan Van Allen about the deplorable lives these horses are forced to live, all because of "tradition," and he said, "Yeah, well, it isn't the best situation for them, but it's the best we can do."

If the best they can do for these horses means not giving them enough room in these sheds to lay down, it's not good enough. I've never seen anyone buy the subpar produce from these guys, and every time I see one of these carts my heart breaks for the poor horse that should be grazing in a field.

This is a tradition that says Baltimore does not care about animal welfare. By the way, it's illegal for these guys to be out in temperatures of 90 degrees or higher, so call 311 immediately if you see this happening.

Jane Kelly

Correction: In last week's Campaign Beat story on the 13 District City Council race ("Pounding the Pavement," Aug. 29), we mistakenly reported that candidate Robert Stokes is former City Councilman Carl Stokes' brother. Robert Stokes does have a brother, Edwin Johnson, who did once serve on City Council. City Paper regrets the error.

Editor's note: Next week: our annual Comics Issue. And don't forget to vote on Sept. 11.

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