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Ooh, Scary!

Halloween Masks VIII

It Wants Your Money

Marylanders elected Martin O'Malley governor to exorcise the malign Robert Ehrlich from the statehouse and bring the state back to the light. That means patching a $1.7 billion deficit in an economy that's on the flat side, and that means getting more money from somewhere, and that means maybe the dreaded slots and almost certainly the even more dreaded taxes. This mask is especially scary to Republicans, corporations, and high-income earners (who are often the same folks).

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Day Eater

Is there anything more feared across all walks of Baltimore than the jury-duty notice? You go in (or don't) and spend eight hours in one stuffy courthouse room or another as the minutes creep by, hoping, praying that you don't get picked for a trial. It's your duty, and crime doesn't get better if we have a criminal justice system and nobody wants to Get In On It. We were going to do a mask of a subpoena to testify, but we figure everybody already saw Stop Fuckin' Snitchin'.

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Woman Of Mystery

Powerful city Comptroller Joan Pratt sure scares the crap out of local pols. No one runs against her, and for a while there earlier this year there were some goose bumps going around regarding the idea of her entering the mayor's race. Maybe it's because she keeps raising campaign money and doesn't campaign against anyone--yet. Mmmwhahahah.

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Ow! My Eyes! photo blogger Chase Lisbon putting images of local naked tattooed/pierced flesh online means we are constantly in peril of seeing hipster habitués of the Ottobar/Rocket to Venus/Sidebar/etc. naked. Again. Sober.

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Killer Bug

Experts say Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (aka MRSA) is out there, on a surface near you, just itching to leap onto your skin and possibly infect your bloodstream, destroy your flesh, or even kill you. And the resistant part means it’s hard to treat on top of being hard to get rid of. Go wash your hands.

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The Play Caller of Cthulhu

Supposed offensive genius Brian Billick!still relies on his defense to win games, but the Ravens have fallen to an unholy 4-3 with losses to Cleveland and Buffalo, and the only thing lower in the league than those two defenses is THE GRAVE. (EXTRA-SCARY LIMITED-EDITION RALLY-BEARD™ MODEL!)

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Posted 10/31/2007

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