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Murder Ink

By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 11/14/2007

Murders Nov. 5-9: 2
Murders This Year: 256

Due to an early deadline this week's column only covers murders from Nov. 5 to 9. The man shot to death in the 3300 block of Elmora Avenue on Nov. 2 has been identified as Robert Tyson, a 24-year-old African-American man from Southwest Baltimore's Beechfield neighborhood.

Monday, Nov. 5

10:14 p.m. Police found Terrence Regan, a 16-year-old African-American male, lying on the front porch of his father's home in the 1600 block of Lochwood Road near Morgan State University. He had been shot; he died at Johns Hopkins Hospital less than an hour later. Regan is the 23rd minor murdered this year.

Thursday, Nov. 8

10:17 a.m. Two men were shot inside a home in the 2600 block of Oswego Avenue in Central Park Heights. Leonard Hunt, a 44-year-old man whose race has been listed by police as "other," was pronounced dead at the house. A 37-year-old African-American man survived. This is the 11th murder in Central Park Heights, the city's most murderous neighborhood this year. There have been three murders in the neighborhood in the last four weeks alone.

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