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Posted 11/21/2007

The specter of Christmas in B-more once again rears its ugly head (Holiday Guide, Nov. 14).

Crushing nostalgia, family guilt, pressure to spend, painful debt, remembering pre-yuppie non-cell phone spaces. I dash off to the last of the smoky dives and order up a beer and a shot before some Oprah/soccer cunts declare that too to be a "Non-Self-Enriching Behavior."

Happy Hollow Daze!

Michael S. Eckenrode

School Spirit

In the Nov. 14 issue of City Paper, the story about a sincere effort by Catonsville native Christopher Heun to reopen and construct a school in remote Ramche, Nepal ("Distance Learning," Mobtown Beat, Nov. 14), is extremely appreciated. I would like to thank journalist Randy Leonard for such a wonderful presentation on the Mobtown Beat pages. I am a freelance journalist of Nepal currently living in the Parkville-Towson area and had never got the opportunity to read such a story related to Nepal in local newspapers. Thanks to the City Paper editors, too.

The rural areas of Nepal are in such miserable condition that the basic infrastructures and facilities are not available. Lila Tamang is a symbol of a Nepali layman who is struggling to uplift his own village and community. As I am an active Nepali community member in the Baltimore area, I would like to request the other Nepalis and myself to support the Santi School project of Ramche in Nepal. I would suggest to Mr. Heun and his friends Jackie Lesh and Laura Parkhurst to get in touch with Nepali people living in the United States. Approximately 6,000 Nepalis are living in Maryland currently. I would like to thank the Society of Ex-Budhanilkantha Students-North America and the Nationwide Scholarship Program for their effort to materialize a Santi School project. The work of Mr. Heun is highly commendable.

Tarun Poudel

Mr. Wrong Right!

My roommate sent me the link to this article ("Mall of America," Mr. Wrong, Oct. 24) saying it was the funniest thing she has read in a while, and I feel the same! I couldn't stop laughing because it's all so true! And I just read about a shopping cart that tells you how many calories you're burning . . . you should write about that!

Keep up the hilarious writing!

Claire Johnson

Editor's note: Next week, we print the winners of our annual Fiction and Poetry Contest.

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