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The Mail

On a Mountain High

Posted 11/28/2007

I would like to thank reporter Randy Leonard and City Paper for your Nov. 14 article about the Santi School Project’s effort to build a school in a rural village in Nepal (“Distance Learning,” Mobtown Beat).

I’d also like to thank the Baltimore community for its generous support of our charity art auction Nov. 17. More than 40 artists donated 95 pieces of artwork; we raised nearly $3,000. Suzannah Gerber of Load of Fun Studios told us we drew a crowd of almost 200 people.

The turnout and the total amount of contributions greatly exceeded our expectations. City Paper deserves much of the credit, for the publicity you provided, along with the work by volunteer event organizers Laura Parkhurst and Jen Becker. Thanks for covering a topic that doesn’t often gain much media attention.

Christopher Heun
President, the Santi School Project, New York City

Walk the Line

I have been a labor union organizer for 20 years, and if I was representing the employees at Baltimore City Community College, I’d tell them to walk out and not work until they got their money (“Lessons in Frustration,” Mobtown Beat, Nov. 7). When you work, you expect to get paid, don’t you?

I am sure that they are not getting rich teaching at BCCC. Why can’t the state pay its employees in a timely manner? If this is the best they can do for their workers, what do they think of their students? Maybe the governor should look into this matter.

Ed Rothstein

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