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Swearing In

Posted 12/5/2007

Foul language is the one thing that keeps me from taking City Paper more seriously. (Examples abound in every issue.) I can only surmise that it's the editorial policy of the paper to try and appeal to a youthful and more alternative readership through garbage-mouth journalism. But this crass commercialism is insulting both to younger readers and to "old-fashioned" mainstream folk like myself, who are just looking for another source of local information and commentary without being sworn at.

John Bailey

Sparky Sucks!

Can you tell me why This Modern World continues to be featured in the front of your paper? This comic has not been remotely funny for a long time, unless you consider Democratic National Committee talking points to be a subtle form of recreation. After all, one of the biggest knocks on modern-day liberals is that they have no sense of humor. And surprise, surprise, This Modern World has no humor. When you pigeonhole yourself in an ideological straitjacket as Tom Tomorrow has, it is very hard to be an effective satirist.

Caspare Baldmere

Women Priests Yay

I approve heartily of women priests ("Counting Their Blessings," Mobtown Beat, Nov. 21). The Catholic faith stands to gain greatly from the loving and wise care of good women.

After all, the Blessed Virgin Mary was the very first priest that Christ Himself ordained! Just because of latter male dominance in the last several centuries, male dominance in the church doesn't really hold any water except in the minds of the tunnel-visioned who would like things to remain in their opinionated opinion. As Jesus Christ Himself first chose a woman to be the priestess, the bitter male opinion hasn't a real leg to stand on! After all St. Brigid of Ireland was a bishop, so let's give the ladies a BIG HAND.

Rose Hogan
Queens, N.Y.

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