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Dose of Reality

Posted 1/2/2008

I would like to thank Rebecca Alvania for her coverage of buprenorphine, giving a balanced discussion of a complex therapy for a complicated disease ("Drug Disabuse," Mobtown Beat, Dec. 19). It was so much more mature and thoughtful than the Sun's disappointing and basically irresponsible series.

Rebecca Ruggles

The writer is director of special projects for the Mid-Atlantic Association of Community Health Centers.

Poetic Injustice?

The 11-word "Untitled"--"now that we have television/ we won't have to talk anymore"--won third place in City Paper's Nov. 28 poetry contest. How could at least 197 other entries be less deserving?

Henry Harlan

Nuclear Farce

Arms expert Scott Ritter says a U.S. attack on Iran is less a "question of if than when" ("Bombs Away," Feature, Dec. 5).

The story should be a don't-miss--check it out on the City Paper web page, reprint it, and send it out to everyone on your e-mail list. It is, by far, the most honest, informative, and useful thing I've read in any local paper. By comparison, the rationales Defense Secretary Robert Gates makes are as empty as the lies our government and kept press made to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. As empty as the lies they invented to invade Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba, Panama, and Grenada!

Why should any knowledgeable person believe anything our government and its press have to say?

The only nation that has used nuclear bombs against civilians is ours! Even if Iran or Iraq had nuclear weapons, their only logical use would be one of mutually assured destruction.

Conclusion: There would be no reason for them to use them other than to prevent us from attacking them.

So, why doesn't our government "protect" Americans by not bombing Iran, and it will then have no reason to bomb the Ninth Fleet or Israel!

And, finally, why is the anti-war, anti-imperialist movement so quiet, so passive, nationally and locally?

The American people are more and more ready to move--en masse!

A. Robert Kaufman

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