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Murder Index

A Breakdown Of Baltimore City’s 2007 Homicide Statistics

Posted 1/23/2008

Total number of victims: 282


Victims by Race:

African-American: 261

Asian: 1

Caucasian: 14

Hispanic: 4

Other: 2

Percentage of victims who were African-American: 92.6 percent

Percentage of the city's population who are African-American: 64.8 percent

Per capita homicide rate: 44 per 100,000

Per capita homicide rate for African-American men in their 20s: 460 per 100,000


How the Victims Were Killed:

Shooting: 233

Stabbing/cutting: 21

Beating/blunt-force trauma: 20

Asphyxiation: 5

Other: 2

Unknown: 1


Victims by Age:

Youngest victim: Bryanna Harris, 2

Oldest victim: Virginia Jones, 82

Victims under 13: 2

Victims under 13 in 2006: 6

Victims under 13 in 2005: 15

Victims under 20: 53

Victims in their 20s: 127

Victims in their 30s: 62

Victims 40 and older: 40


Victims by Sex:

Female: 24

Male: 258


Victims by Police District:

Eastern: 50

Western: 41

Northeastern: 40

Southwestern: 33

Northwestern: 32

Southern: 30

Southeastern: 21

Northern: 21

Central: 14


The number of murders in all three of the most murderous police districts rose from 2006 to '07, though none more sharply then the Northeastern, which had 24 homicides in 2006 and had never broken the top five since City Paper began tracking this data in 2004.


Victims by Neighborhood

Murders took place in 117 different neighborhoods in 2007. The biggest increase in homicides from 2006 to '07 was in Rosemont, where there were seven homicides in 2007 compared to zero in '06. O'Donnell Heights also had zero homicides in 2006 and had five last year. Barclay, the smallest of the top 10 most murderous neighborhoods of 2007, had six homicides in 2006 and three in 2005. Greenspring and McElderry Park saw the biggest decreases in numbers of homicides. Greenspring went from seven murders in 2006 to one in '07, and McElderry Park had five murders in 2006 but none in '07. Cherry Hill, though still in the top 10, had four fewer murders in 2007 than the year before.


Top Ten Most Murderous Neighborhoods

Central Park Heights: 11

Barclay: 9

Belair-Edison: 9

Broadway East: 9

Brooklyn: 8

Carrollton Ridge: 8

Rosemont: 7

Sandtown-Winchester: 7

Cherry Hill: 6

Coldstream Homestead Montebello: 6


Number of Cases Closed

Percentage of 2007 homicide cases closed: 39.3 percent

Official police clearance rate based on all closures made in 2007, regardless of the year the crime was committed: 54.6 percent

Average 2006 clearance rate for cities with populations between 500,000 and 1 million, according to FBI statistics: 52.3 percent


Suspects in Closed 2007 Homicide Cases

Total suspects: 132

Female suspects: 10

Male suspects: 122

Youngest suspect: Kenneth Robbins, 15 years, five months, and 19 days

15-year-old suspects: 3

Suspects under 20: 42

Suspects in multiple 2007 homicide cases: 8

Suspects in the most 2007 homicide cases: Anthony White and Patrick Wilkes have been charged with committing three homicides together.

Suspects who have been convicted: 9

Suspects whom the State's Attorney's Office has declined to prosecute: 10

Suspects who were acquitted: 2

Suspects who died in 2007: 12

Suspects who were murdered: 7

Suspects who committed suicide: 4

Suspects who died from natural causes: 1

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