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Here It Comes

A Last Word Before Tsunami Tuesday

Tom Chalkley

Posted 1/30/2008

Soon, it will all be over. Or maybe not. See, that's the funny thing about this election season. Usually so-called Super Tuesday--this year, Feb. 5--features a significant number of states holding their primary elections, giving the candidates who come out of the day on top nearly unassailable front-runner status, months before the actual nominating conventions. This year, a whole raft of states moved up their primaries to get in on the decider action, front-loading the primary process even more and creating a so-called "Tsunami Tuesday." But because of the parties reacting poorly to such maneuvers and refusing to seat delegates from gun-jumper states, not to mention the seesaw battle between Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Super Tuesday may not actually bring the race into clear focus, as it has in past. Nonetheless, if we were gonna talk about this year's primaries, we figured now was the time.

  • In "They've Got Issues", Ed Ericson Jr. looks at the curious absence of any real discusson of candidates' policy initiatives.
  • Vincent Williams comes to the conclusion that, thanks to the new generation gap, Hillary Clinton is now The Man in "She's the Man."
  • And finally, Anna Ditkoff sits down at her family's very Republican dinner table in "Family Values."
  • For more on the Maryland primary, scheduled for Feb. 12, check back next week.

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