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Murder Ink

By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 3/19/2008

Murders This Week: 5
Murders This Year: 38

Monday, March 10

5:18 p.m. Marcus Hughes, a 36-year-old African-American man from Essex, died at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Hughes was shot in the neck on March 8 at 2:10 p.m. in the 1800 block of East 28th Street near Clifton Park. People in the area heard gunshots and saw a number of people running from the scene.

Tuesday, March 11

6:18 a.m. Tavon Burks, a 16-year-old African-American boy, and a 19-year-old African-American man were in a parking lot in the 2500 block of Edgecombe Circle North in Northwest Baltimore. According to police, a group of five men came up to Burks and his friend and started shooting at them. Burks was shot in the head and died. The 19-year-old was hit in the back and shoulder; he survived. Burks is the fifth person under the age of 18 murdered this year.

Wednesday, March 12

10:57 p.m. The next day, a police officer in Cherry Hill heard gunshots. He went to the place the shots had come from, the 2800 block of Spelman Road, and found Lemell Barnes, a 22-year-old African-American man, lying on the ground dead. He had been shot repeatedly throughout his body. Barnes is the third person murdered in Cherry Hill this year.

Thursday, March 13

6:10 p.m. Less than 24 hours after Barnes' death, Jamal Harrison, a 22-year-old African-American man, was found lying in a grassy area next to the sidewalk in the 1900 block of Rosedale Street in West Baltimore. He had been shot in the head, back, and leg and was dead. More than a third of 2008's homicide victims have been African-American men in their 20s.

Saturday, March 15

10:14 p.m. Andre Jones, an 18-year-old African-American man, and a Caucasian man were outside a convenience store in the 2900 block of Garrison Boulevard, near Lake Ashburton, when a man ran up and shot them. Jones was found by police lying facedown in the parking lot beside the store, shot in the head. The other man was found inside the store, shot in the neck. Both of them were taken to Sinai Hospital, where Jones died at 10:14 p.m. The other man survived.


Farron Tates, a 15-year-old African-American male from Northwest Baltimore, was arrested March 6 for the murder of Anthony Underwood, a 29-year-old African-American man. Underwood was shot several times March 1 during an argument in a home in the 5000 block of Denmore Avenue in Central Park Heights. Tates is the youngest person charged as an adult for a 2008 homicide; a 14-year-old has been charged as a juvenile with involuntary manslaughter in the Jan. 30 murder of Darrell Holmes, a 16-year-old African-American male. Last year three 15-year-olds were arrested for 2007 homicides.

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