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Jose, Can You See?

Posted 6/18/2008

Edward Ericson Jr. has performed an invaluable public service with his extraordinary in-depth look at Jose Morales Jr. ("With Impunity," Feature, June 11). What makes it extraordinary is that this disgraceful saga is one perfect example of the pervasive corruption that is Baltimore City government. Not only are the courts, State's Attorney Patricia Jessamy's office, and the police unwilling to do their jobs to get this criminal off our streets, but City Council Vice President Edward Reisinger claims to know nothing about Mr. Morales' crimes. Really?? Mr. Reisinger, adopting the usual stance of politicians to their constituents, obviously thinks we're all stupid.

One would be a fool to believe that Mr. Morales isn't being protected by someone in a position of power, and after reading this article, my first thought was that Mr. Morales must have something on someone. Of course, I don't know who that someone might be, but there is something rotten here that stinks to high heaven.

When we ask ourselves why Baltimore's systemic problems continue unabated, we need look no further than what swirls around Mr. Morales to understand why things will never change until we stop electing the good old boys and girls who think public service means a lifetime career filled with perks, power, and lucrative deals for themselves and the public they claim to serve is merely the means to their own ends.

Maria Allwine

The writer has run for national, state, and local office as a member of the Green Party.

For the Last Time, We Do Not Eat Babies

The June 4 edition of City Paper features the cartoon The Pain--When Will It End? by Tim Kreider in which Barack Hussein Obama is being forced to eat a "Palestinian baby" presumably to please Jewish voters.

First, there has never been a "Palestine" state or a "Palestinian" people at any time in history. The Arabs themselves always denied that a "Palestinian" people exist until the 1960s, when they decided to invent this false term for propaganda purposes.

Second, the claim that Jews murder and drink the blood of babies is one of the most notorious libels in history. For centuries, many innocent Jewish men, women and children were brutally slaughtered because of this vicious libel in both the Muslim world and in Europe. For this cartoonist to in effect claim that Jews demand that Obama eat babies is the worst possible example of Nazi-like Jew-hatred.

Third, Obama's long history of supporting anti-white and anti-Jewish racists is very much an issue in the presidential election. Jews and other decent Americans have every right to condemn Obama for attending Louis Farrakhan's Million Man March, for being a member of a racist and anti-Semitic church for 20 years, and for assisting Arab Muslim supporters of Islamic terrorism like Tony Rezko and Edward Said. Jews who raise these legitimate issues should not be accused of murdering babies.

Chaim Ben Pesach
National Chairman,
Fresh Meadows, N.Y.

Home of the Brave

Larnell Custis Butler, you are not a coward ("The Brave Ones," The Mail, June 4). Your bravery is exemplified in leaving your name (on more than one occasion) in City Paper's Mail.

We, as citizens without lawmaking and decision abilities, are powerless against a corrupt, ineffectual government chock-full of double standards.

Since the last election was actually stolen, I personally doubt the actions of every pseudo-tyrannical, close to an oligarchic political system bordering on a police state.

So, what to do? How about think globally but act locally? Pardon me, but let's forget about Sudan and Iraq and . . . how about the homeless guy down the street? Perhaps your brother or sister who needs help? Starving people in Baltimore!

To discover your true motives, where do you spend your money? What's your carbon footprint? (What car do you drive?) Blah blah blah.

In other words, put your money where your mouth is and take care of yourself first, your family second, and if anything is left over, your local society. Let God handle the rest.

John David Hulleberg

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