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No Quitters

Posted 7/23/2008

I would like to thank City Paper for its honest review of an unrehearsed (and only four days notice) show by my band 2 Time Quitters at the Ottobar ("Cold Summer," Noise, July 9). Our more rehearsed act has left club owners, fans, and friends in awe (in a good way). We would like to invite the author and anyone else interested to additional shows so that they can get a more well-rounded opinion of the band. You can contact me at any time for complimentary tickets and dates.

Eric Bayne

Narrow Music Issue

For more than 30 years, City Paper has been proud of its legacy dedicated to giving the Baltimore metropolitan area an alternative source of news, culture, music, and the arts. This week, while browsing the current issue--"The Big Music Issue"--I was excited, as I am an avid jazz enthusiast. Added to that, I had every confidence that City Paper would represent all music genres in its "Big Music Issue." As I began to read, I discovered that the Big Music Issue wasn't about all kinds of music at all. Instead it was a memoir of sorts from Baltimore's former club promoters and owners of yesteryear. In addition, the other feature articles were pieces about Latin music and an alternative-music perspective. Here's the point: I am an advertiser with your publication and the owner of a jazz club in the downtown Baltimore area, and I couldn't help but wonder: "Who decided this was the Big Music Issue?" Especially because the vast scope of music is all but lost in the paper. It would be better titled "The Exclusionary Music Issue."

Ron Persaud
Owner, Club 347 and MVP Entertainment

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