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What's the 311?

What's The 311?

An Occasional Look At What People in The City Are Complaining About

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By Chris Landers | Posted 10/15/2008

The city's 311 operators take complaints about the city, but also about city employees. During the past three years there were more than 4,000. This 311 category includes compliments, as well, and efforts have been made to remove them from this count. For the record, there were 380 notes of praise. The chart to the left shows the rest.

A Sampling of the Complaints Received by 311:

12/1/2006, 1800 block of N Port St., Other/picking women up in the street. Board of Education van.

2/28/2008, 400 block of S Eden St., The citizen stated that a police officer came to his door for no reason and told him to watch his manners and left.

6/24/2008, 1400 block of E Fayette St., States a male (mid 50s) in a DPW T-shirt and a neon yellow/orange vest was asking/panhandling for money at the gas station addressed 1418 E. Fayette St.

Disclaimer: What's the 311? is based on data from the Mayor's Office of Information Technology (currently from Sept. 20, 2005, until Sept. 30, 2008). It has been folded, spindled, and mutilated along the way, and no attempt has been made to verify the accuracy of the calls. Maybe he was taking them to school.

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