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"Baltimore Chanukah" Card

Posted 12/10/2008

I think the Long Island Wal-Mart where Jdimyatai Damour was trampled to death on "Black Friday" should be blown-up (Mr. Wrong, Dec. 3). In its place, a park should be established with a life-sized statue erected of the victim where all consumption is forbidden, a place where people would be forced to be by themselves (the horror!) for awhile.

John G Bailey

Educate Yourself

Regarding Larnell Custis Butler's letter ("Stuck on Stupid," The Mail, Dec. 3): Ms. Butler, and others like her, which basically means everyone, should do research first and then form and express her opinions. Ms. Butler writes: "Middle class jurors are sending young black men to jail because they are racist." In Baltimore City, the jurors are over 96 percent black. Talk to any Circuit Court judge and they will admit that some black criminals get off because jurors are mostly black. Racist, yes, but opposite of what Ms. Butler thinks.

Ms. Butler writes: "Stuck on stupid since society has failed them." Baltimore City is set up so that there's a library or school less than a mile from any home. Why aren't young blacks utilizing them?

For Ms. Butler, and the public, the U.S. Deptartment of Education has, by law, no say in K-12 education. That's a state's responsibility. And Colin Powell has no concept of the educational crisis in the United States.

She should read my solution for curing young urban violence in the city published in the September issue of the Johns Hopkins Magazine.

Neil J. Ham

Rice vs. Vice

I read "Madame Secretary" (Political Animal, Nov. 26), and, to be honest, I was hoping President-elect Barack Obama was going to name Susan Rice (a black woman) as his Secretary of State.

As an Afrocentric feminist, pro-choice Catholic, and a progressive liberal to my bones, I cannot forget the "3:00 a.m. ad" of Hillary Clinton, or her sneaky remark that Sen. Obama, as a black man, was not ready to be Commander-in-Chief.

As I see it, the next four years are going to be a serious mental challenge for anyone being Secretary of State. After a long-fought primary and little rest after the voters in the Democratic party chose Obama as their presidential candidate, has Clinton had enough time to rest her mind and body for the challenge of secretary of state?

I heard a recent cable news report that America will be viewed as a nation without much influence between now and 2025. How will America exist as a government if it is not a political force in the world?

As I see it, I hope Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton will not try to sell America's brand of bigotry Christianity and "White Is Right" national security as one package towards a peaceful means to end terrorism in the world, or encourage all human societies to embrace a moral standard of a white Christian consciousness. Mainly, a moral base of one religion in the world to justify a Christian religion's allegiance to "only" a democracy.

In my opinion, Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton will soon learn that a growing population of people of color in other countries do not want America's brand of democracy, even if America has a black president. All black and brown skins are not kin, and capitalism has not erased racism.

In my opinion, all religions must be given an opportunity by their people and leaders to mend the rift between whose religion is more historically sacred, and the imperfection of all governments. Which means, everyone must have an input in saving humanity. If not, a cosmic war will destroy all humans as the next great starry explosion from the heavens--the next great flood.

Larnell Custis Butler

Hanukkah House

Linda Lynwander was simply a few decades too early in her failed effort to bring some excitement to "our paltry decorated Hanukkah homes" ("Oy to the World," Holiday Guide, Nov. 19). For vindication, this Hanukkah season (Dec. 22-29) her son-in-law, City Paper writer Charles Cohen, should take her to see our city's own "Hanukkah House," located at 6211 Park Heights Ave. With its lit-up dreidels, stars of David, fiddler on the roof, platoon of Maccabee warriors, Mickey and Minnie presiding over a menorah, and a lot more, it is Northwest Baltimore's salute to Hampden's famed 34th Street "Miracle." I guarantee her 1983 vision of a bigger, brighter Hanukkah will be totally redeemed.

(Note: Hampden's Hometown Girl gift shop sells a card titled "Baltimore Chanukah," with a color photo of the house and a brief history of the holiday's origins on the back. I am the card's originator)

Herman Heyn

It's on You

Joe MacLeod must have bumped his head before he wrote his column (Mr. Wrong, Nov. 19). First of all, a lot of people may have trouble taking financial advice from someone named Mr. Wrong. Second, I'm actually going to take your advice and not buy anything this holiday season. Third, you will be receiving an angry phone call from my wife after Christmas.

Because this Christmas I'm only going to give my wife one gift. I will have it wrapped in a shiny box with a bow on top. When she opens the gift box it will have Mr. Wrong's "Short Holiday" column in it, and another piece of paper with Joe MacLeod's direct number. Thanks for saving me a lot of cash! When you come back from your Christmas break, I recommend you bring an alcoholic beverage, because you're gonna need it! When my wife starts screaming and yelling she's like the Energizer Bunny . . . she goes on and on and on!

Tim Lumber

Ennui in the U.K.

As a Harley rider and liking quality American products, I recently asked for a pair of Red Wing motorcycle boots for my birthday ("Red Wings Made in China?" The News Hole, Oct. 29). I read the history, the Iron Range, the years of experience, made by Americans for Americans. How disappointed I was to see *made in china* on the label. America has lost the plot like the rest of the free world. Money isn't everything, otherwise I'd ride a Suzuki! The boots cost around $200, so no saving there. America don't sell your heritage so cheaply. Why buy a phony brand? I feel conned but will be sure to check what I buy next from the States.

Phil Hipkiss
Shropshire, United Kingdom

Editor's note: Due to a layout mix-up, last week's Jonesin' Crossword ran the current clues with the previous week's puzzle layout. Sorry about that, puzzle fans. This week's issue features both last week's correct puzzle and this week's, too; turn to pages 103-104 and enjoy.

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