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We Hope You Like Our New Direction

Posted 2/4/2009

Consider this what I hope is one of many complaints about the removal of The Straight Dope. I considered the feature's weekly inclusion in City Paper one of the reasons I moved from Outer Hinterlands to Sophisticated Big City 17 years ago.

Bring it back. Please.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV

Let me see if I understand the new improvements to City Paper. I lose two thirds of my favorite column, Political Animal. I lose one sixth of my second favorite column, Mr. Wrong. But I guess I shouldn't worry two much about it, because the print is so eyestrainingly small that I kinda can't read them anyway. Whose responsible?

John Bonn

As a loyal reader of City Paper, I would like to thank you for putting the announcement of your new dimensions on the front page. I was initially alarmed at the idea that I might be growing larger.

Kurt Tesnau

Legalize it, Please?

Great article ("Shadow Players," Feature, Jan. 28). If local drug stores could sell heroin and coke legally and cheap, imagine how different the city could be. Dope fiends wouldn't need to steal, corner boys would have to work, and violent crime drops 80 percent . . . Baltimore is livable.

How can something that makes so much sense seem so foreign and ridiculous to the powers that be?

Chris Kaiser
Nassau Bay, Texas

Tat Touché

As a long-time resident of Mount Vernon, a lightly tattooed person, and a non-Eurocentric feminist, I have had many occasions to discuss neighborhood-planning issues with Jim Hall ("Feeling Blue," Feature, Jan. 21). He was--and is--a terrific person, passionate about this city, its buildings, and people. Frankly, I was quite astonished when I first read the article about him. But, after some thought, I look at it this way: Baltimore is full of colorful characters. Jim's just taking it to the next level.

Sue Glickstein

Funny Business

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you because I have read and enjoyed the journalism of the City Paper ever since I moved here in 1987. But what really gives me joy is reading the comics section. I remember when you had quite a few of them on a single page; not quite in the volume of a daily, but the ones you had were insightful, ironic and just plain witty. Your comics contest is a good idea, but the winning entries are not. I do not want to focus on negative; rather, I want to thank you for continuing to run Tom Tomorrow's This Modern World. It is one of the best of the thoughtful pieces out there, and fits well within the tone of City Paper. May I also recommend you also renew your contract with Derf and Red Meat? They are also fun additions to the paper, and provide a relief from the comic-tragedy we call politics in Charm City.

Greg Gagnon

No Time for It

Ms. Butler, as a Eurocentric Darwinian Leftist, I am compelled to let you in on a little secret that has served the forces of white supremacy and white privilege well during our reign in America. It is our policy that any prominent white man or woman who embarrasses us with acts of brazen criminality, stupidity, or immorality is taken and thrown under the bus ("Dixon a Victim," The Mail, Jan. 28). Now and again, some escape punishment. Occasionally, we allow some offenders back into our ranks. More often than not, when an elite white man does something stupid, he goes under the wheels of the bus. In this way, our precious time, money, and effort are not dissipated on defending them, but are instead invested in maintaining our iron grip on power.

Ms. Butler, there are only so many African-Americans, with only so much money and so much available time. If you truly believe that Sheila Dixon is innocent and more importantly have concrete evidence that the charges against her are motivated by "the ultimate meanness of racism, and gender institutional racism" and being propagated by a wide ranging conspiracy plotting "to take a 'bitch' down from the high tower of administrative government" then by all means go out and rally community support behind her. If my belief is correct and you do not have any evidence (real, documentary evidence) then I advise the African-American community of Baltimore to simply ignore you because every dollar your actions direct toward Dixon's legal defense fund (when and if she establishes one) is a dollar that could have been spent on funding Baltimore City schools or other projects and institutions that serve the African-American and Baltimore City communities, and every minute spent defending Dixon is a minute wasted that could have been used to mentor a wayward child, lobby for additional funding for the Algebra Project, or report criminal activities.

Matthew Hood

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