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What the World Needs Now...

City Paper's Second-Annual Reader Valentines

Posted 2/11/2009

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


How truly happy I am as we travel together on this journey called "life." Happy Valentine's Day to my SGBF.



ox bean!!,

luff forever,

your possum and the drop

Happy Valentine's Day

Each dream of mine begins with God and you and ends with special thoughts of joy and you.

You are the most important part of everything I do. You are on my mind. You're in my heart.

Each moment of the day I thank God. And no one else in all the world could make me feel this way.



To my Valentines, KW & NA,

Thanks for always being my rock in hard times, for singing '80s songs with me, and for understanding the importance of cute underwear. I don't know where I'd be without you.

All my love,



I thought this picture would explain it all, you like to eat and i like my natty boh, I love you, Learn to ABILIFY! Happy Valentines day.




sin diesel,

i like you.

venus o. killendorf

Much love to my Ram Fam!

Jami M.

To the two loves of my life,

There isn't a day that goes by that you don't put a smile on my face. Darryl Sr., you know I think Valentine's Day is corny, but I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly tell both of you that I love you more than I can ever express!



Thank you for being the Wonderful Man that you are. I Love You.



I love umore than words can say baby, n I can't wait 2 b ur wife. 9/9/09 t.d.d.u.p!


Hey Nubbler,

No Shuggie!


My loving wife Sharon,

Thank you for 25 years of fun and love . . . Who would have thought that meeting you on a nude beach in Key West would lead us to all these years of love and affection? For that I will always love you.

Your husband,











It's only been two years, but look at everything we have experienced together! I look forward to many years with you . . . although that may not happen because you're KIND OF an old-head. Here's to another V-Day!

Love always,



She gives me presents

With her presence alone

She gives me everything I could wish for

She gives me kisses on the lips just for coming home



You are my world.

Nub always,


To: Nay

From: Dee

"Once In A Lifetime"
Once in a lifetime
You will find someone
Who touches not only your heart,
But also your soul

You discover someone
Who stands beside you, not over you
You find someone
Who loves for who you are,
And not for who you could be

Once in a lifetime,
If you're lucky,
You find someone . . .
As I have found you

I love you Z, MUAH.

Trae baby,

Once again I'm showing my love to the world thanks 2 City Paper. But I just wanted to let you know that i.l.y. with all my heart. Almost 2 years and I'm looking forward to many more. :) No matter what ppl have to say, I'm not going to let that get in between us. Like I always say, "they try to pull us apart, but no matter how hard they try it only makes us stronger." We got chemistry + bubbles (insider). You mean everything to me and no one can take your place in my heart. You are my king, my sunshine, my Buddha. I love you hubby! Mwahhh!

Love, your girl,

Biscuit xoxo 4.16.07

To: Dwayne

The first time I laid eyes on you . . . I forgot to breathe. Now that I have the privilege of knowing what it feels like to love where there is no space or time, my life is forever changed. You are my everything. Here's to our first Valentine's together!! I love you.

From: Dawn

To My Chef,

Words can not express the love I have in my heart for you. I have to say that time flies when we are together and it will soon be a year!! I can only hope for many more years for us to grow as one. Here is to the first of many Valentine's Days together, baby.

I love you, xoxoxoxo,


Thank you for burned socks, blankets of death, clumsy elbows, and so much more.

To Stink,

I want to express the true love I have for you, words can't began to describe it! When I think or even speak about you I melt inside, you complete me. I could never see myself with none other, you're the key to my lock, the PB to my J, the milk to my cereal, what I'm trying to say is I LOVE YOU unconditionally and we're two that belong. Happy Valentine's Day, Stink.


Zahirah aka ur Fattz

Dear Chris,

Thank you for always being by my side. I love you.


To My Loving Husband Kenny,

I Will Love You Forever

I love you so deeply,
I love you so much,
I love the sound of your voice
And the way that we touch.
I love your kind, thoughts, ways,
The joy that you bring
To my life every day.
I love you today
As I have loved you from the start,
And I'll love you forever
With all of my heart.

Kenny you are the love of my life. I love you very much.

From your wife, Vickie

Wasabi Pea loves Sweet Pea.

It may not be summer

but you make me feel hot all year long. Without you, Josh, I would be nothing. I know that you are everything to me. I can't live without you. I will always love you, forever.



Dear Danielle,

I've spent the best years of my life with you. I hope we can have many more.




Thank you for not only being an amazing boyfriend, but a great best friend as well. I am so lucky to have you in my life! Happy 1st Valentine's Day together. Love you, Bub!

Always and forever,


Dear Abbey and Sydney,

Happy Valentine's Day to the best daughters a Mom could ever ask for!

Love you with all my heart,


Dear Maryland Choices-Baltimore,

Nobody has bigger hearts or more love for youth than all of you! Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day Shawn!

[heart] Tressa


It's been great. Happy Valentine's Day dear, with many more to come.

Shirl the Pearl

To my one and only! Happy Valentine's Day!


My love Dre (Cookie),

You are my dream come true and I am so blessed to have a love that fulfills my heart's every desire. You are everything I never knew I always wanted. Complete is how I feel when you are near and completely empty is how I feel when you are gone. I love you always and forever.

Forever Yours,

Neisha (Cake)

To my Queen,

Bubba Mac's is where we meet. 2002, Carolina's, and Reggea brought us back together 2008. And the rest is history.

Love 4ever and always,


P.S. Happy Valentine's Day

My darling Tiger,

You are the single greatest joy and love of my life.

I am so proud to be your wife!

I look forward to many more years and women sharing together!!!!!!!!

Imagine if we had another wife to share this love with?

Looking forward to sharing a hotel room with you and Mari-Anne at Wicked Faire!

Much love,


Keith Cobb, my love for LIFE,

You were the first boy I kissed. God has brought us together finally! You have been in my heart since I was 12 and I am so glad that you are back home with me, where you belong. I love you ALWAYS.

Alyssa A. Cobb

This to wife, lover and friend . . .

The times we have get better and better, though the challenges of life test our commitment, the bond is still strong. I still wonder how you, so beautiful have chosen me? I know as time goes by we will be able to look back and enjoy the happiness we have brought each other.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Every girl dreams of a guy who is sensitive to her feelings, knows how to show her a good time, is sexy as hell, and has swagger like no other . . . I hope I never wake up from this dream I'm in . . . Thanks for being U, Mr. Wright.


Your Digital Girl


All the love that we shared
With the many ways you showed you cared.
My life was filled with rain.
Donna, you smiled at me and really eased the pain.
Now the bright days are here.
Donna, one so true, I love you.
Happy Valentine's Day.




Love you a heap.


Special K,

lubs lubs lubs


Shelly in Medfield,

Everyday is a new discovery,
Every month is a new adventure,
Every year tells me this is right.
Love those cookies.
Happy Valentine's Day. Lalalala.
I love you forever



Happy Valentine's Day + happy anniversary.

I love you!

Snuggle Bear

Karanda, lil "G," Kimera, Akasha,

"That Love for me"

Let's say I gave you a dozen roses, and that you're intensely, so in love with me.

My life would be another story, and the world yet be, nothing to fear.

You are the star I always wanted; the melody, for me to sing; What other thing I won't imagine, so I could have you, forever along with me.

I can no longer just pretend; to dream and swear, the love I have for you; The only thought that renders in my mind:

Is the one I have, dancing with you girl.

Don't, don't say it's not enough; I need the loving as little as you can give, My heart is longing, and my soul needs to know;

If you're the love . . . truly the love for me.

Dante Green


You have brought me back to life. Will you be my Valentine?


My Sweet Cheeks,

I cannot wait to be tied up in your dungeon. I'm ready for a wild night of ass-slapping, hair-pulling sex!

Love you,

Sultry Bitch

To my Bright Eyes,

I have loved you 32 years & I will love you 32 more, I am still in love with you.

<3 Love you. Bull <3

Thank you,

William Schlidity Schlichting Sr.

Thing 1,

I tried to think of something clever to say--but it just sounded corny. I tried to describe my love for you--but words are insufficient to capture it. I tried to write you a poem--but nothing rhymes with discombobulate. So I settled on just asking you to marry me. Will you?

Thing 2


Our worlds may be different, but our love keeps us together!




You're an amazing women, my guiding light, you will always have my heart.

John M.

To Kenya,

I'm hearing the angels sing the sweet song of never ending love, and a proclamation of souls intertwining. You are the early morning dew that glistens by the moonlight. I hear the wind whispering your name, and what a sweet melody it is. My dreams of passion overwhelm my senses and I become engulfed in lustful thoughts. If I could compare you to anything it would be the universe, because with every rotation you keep me in awe--I am your prey--and I am gladly in your submission. I am your instrument, strum as you may. We shall play a song that will have cupid filled with envy.

Happy Valentine's Day,

Anthony bka New York

Happy Valentine's,

Elliott Blackberry

My days are black

My nights are black

Every step I take, I take alone.

Continue to watch over me.

Our love was more than love.



God sent you to me

"And I fumbled the ball"


forgive me

+ P.S. I'll always love you forever, Miss Lady! <3 (J.F.T.)



A blissful thought.

In the very sight of God I shall profess that you are my life's love. My thoughts are filled with only you--expressions of love are not enough for I am merely man, so I shall rest on the thoughts of angels' reality, and they will let the multitudes know that our souls are one, being evenly yoked. Some say that love is having spiritual peace and I know that it is a gift, never to be forsaken. So may we be forever wrapped in God's loving arms. Knowing that tomorrow is never promised, I shall love you with every inhale and exhale--you being my earth and I being your water. I sit and contemplate and have come to realize that you are heaven sent.

Happy Valentine's Day,


To my Lusie,

You are my world you are my future I love you with all my heart, you will always be my husband for life.

Love 4 Life,


My Gorgeous Nicole,

You thought I was kidding when I told you it was love at first sight. However, you opened up your heart to me and I opened up mine to you. I can't wait for the day when we are together and can show how much I really love you. Happy Valentine's Day

Your husband,


This message is for that special someone. You don't even know that I exist, but each time I see you I'm love-struck. I love the way your body looks, but I also would like to get to know your mind. Your beauty to me is unmeasurable. Long story short: I'm in Dallas, you're in Spring. Can we go out and will you be my Sweet Valentine?


My beautiful Grace,

When I asked you to dance at Sweeney's on that hot Aug. 12 night over 42 years ago, you paused a long moment, then said, "Yes." It was something about your eyes; they enchanted me, made me prisoner. And so, today, we celebrate our 42nd Valentine's Day together.

You've been my partner, my sidekick, my sweetest lover. You've made a house our home and bewitched me with your dark Italian eyes and baffling logic and infectious laughter. You've summoned the lecher and the saint from me. You've kept this wrinkly old man looking "nice," fixed my hair, sung doo wop aloud with me, and loved our family with pride and a fierce and implacable Sicilian loyalty. You've made our marriage adventurous, goofy, byzantine, and altogether the very best way to spend a lifetime.

Craziest of all, you've loved me and danced with me all these years. There will never be and end to us, Grace. Never. I am forever yours.

All my love,


To Barbara W.,

You have made me so happy from the day we meet your smile makes my day when I hear your voice it makes me feel good everything you touch smells like you give me joy

Love you always.

Happy Valentine's Day,


When we first met, I knew you were heaven sent. And when you first smiled at me, I knew I was in love with you forever. So happy Valentine's Day and birthday, I love you so much pumpkin dumpling.


your Boka

To Tanya

"Thank You"

Tanya I thank you

over and over again,

For being my lover

and also my friend.

I thank you for sticking by me

When times got tough,

You never left my side

And for that I can't thank you enough.

I thank you for the love and care

you give to me and the kids,

I thank you for our "special time"

We share in our bed.

I thank you for the good times

Baby they've just begun,

And I'll thank you even more

When you have my son.

I thank you for being strong

When things are looking bad,

I thank you for acting happy around me

When I know you were sad.

I thank GOD for you

each and every day,

I thank you for holding us down

While I am away.

I can thank you and thank you

for the rest of my life,

But the most important thing

I thank you for is being MY WIFE!

In this poem I've said Thank You in every single line,

And I'll say Thank You once again for being MY VALENTINE!

I love you Tanya!



Happy Valentine's Day to my wild man (Mr. Gregory),

Even though it hasn't been long I want you to know my heart feels for you and longs for the days to come with me by your side so we can fall deeply into all that life has for us. I wouldn't want to spend the rest of it doing nothing or without you so think about it on lovers day no matter where we are and know I have you and love in the same place always, my heart.

Baby Boy (Antonio)


You are the love of my life. The day I met you was like winning the love lottery. It pays out 20,000 kisses a year. I feel like the richest person this side of heaven. You are my everything. Happy Valentine's Day.



Dear Tonya,

Have a Happy Wonderful Valentine's Day!!


B 09


You are my H.E.A.R.T.

H - Heaven sent, God Blessed

E - Everything a real man could ask for in a wife

A - Always dedicated to your family first

R - Romantic, loving and affectionate

T - Together, with me, forever till death do us part

Love always,



In words

never written

never spoken

on a day so long forgotten, a day never well spent

i remember another,

a first, my only, a man that ceases to exist

with little memory, i haven't a clue,

i see him in my mind from time to time

with my eyes and wonder if he knows i do.

and still i want, still i wish, still i pray

still i love only him more than any other

he knows who he is but i call him DAVID.

Happy Valentine's Day

T, an old friend.


I have never met someone so beautiful, strong, and passionate in my life. I love you for who you are and that's my one and only. I look forward to spending more Valentine's Days and anniversaries with you. So get ready because we're just getting started. Happy Valentine's Day, Baby!!!

I love you, Pretty Girl!

Tracy and Haley

Happy Valentine's day

with bunches of hugs

to a little girl that

deserves a magical day.

You two will forever be in my heart

I love you, kid!


You are the cheese of my nachos

the baby peach of my mariokart

the lomi lomi of my massages.

Happy b-day, V-Day, and anniversary

Happy Valentine's, Faith

I hope you have a good Valentine's. I would if I was there, but at the present time I am at Ravenwood nursing center. I miss your company you are the only person that I have. I enjoyed and miss the company we spent together as friends.


Happy Valentine's Day, love! I cannot believe this is # 7! I'm so lucky to have you in my life.

Love you moo!


Happy Valentine's Mommy and Daddy

Kahlil, Joey, Jada, and Kayla

Reese Cup,

Has there ever been a candy any sweeter than my Reese Cup? Lovely on the outside, delicious within. The perfect blend of two things that totally complement each other. Soft, sweet, and dark on the outside, yet light, with a bit of roughness, on the inside. I enjoy every last lick and bite I get when eating you. You bring a smile to my face like no other candy I have tasted. Every time I go to unwrap you, I think of a different way to get pleasure from you. I might start with the edges and then work my way to the center, or I might go straight to the middle and eat the edges last. No matter how I do it, you always bring a new experience into each of our encounters. The small packages you have are a joy all their own. So sweetie, always know, no matter how many other cookies, candies, and cakes I may come across, you are my one true love--thank you for helping me to see that. God couldn't have given me a better addiction, You are my comfort food and a friend indeed. I LOVE YOU REESE CUP. Stay sweet.



A wise man once said when you say "I love you," you are actually saying you have awakened a place in me where I am love. No matter what happens between us good or bad, I wanted to go on record to say that I am grateful to have you in my life, and I look forward to seeing the man you continue to grow to be. But more importantly thank you for awakening a place in me where I am love . . .



Thank you for being you and letting me be me. I love you.



Can't believe this is our 3rd Valentine's Day!!! Can't wait to get my 5 hours!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!



Love Cross All Bounderies

Happy V-Day


Happy Valentine's Day, My Baby!

You are the only Valentine I need!

I'm going to give you some of your favorite things for Valentine's Day . . . kisses, flowers, a massage, and a licking from head to toe!



I love you a bushel and a peck


The Sweetest Man in the World,

What I love about you: That you're my friend plus more. Your arms that hug me and hold me, your non-aggressive kisses, on my face, my hands, and my lips. Your voice, your singing, your jokes, your compliments. Giving me flowers, especially since you rescue them. Your creative mind, your sweet heart, your clever brain, and your loving soul. Your love for dogs, and babies, and kids and seniors. Special needs people being drawn to you. The way your head tilts when you're walking toward me with something for me. Your appreciation for my crazy gifts, nutty notes, and goofiness. Your playfulness and your goofiness. How you manage to sometimes say the words I think, and when you tell me you were going to say what I said. The grin on your face when your friends rub your shoulders. All your smiles and laughter, and the way you appreciate my smiles and laughter. Your appreciative prayers and prayer requests to be a better Christian man. Your hands give affectionate touches. And when they hold mine. You walk with me and/or talk with me. When you think about me with a text or call. Putting your arms around me, walking me to my vehicle. Your soft, neat, natural-color hair. Your deep blue sparkly eyes, winking at me, and seeing my cuteness. When you do what's best for your health, and increasing your telling people "no." Telling me your point of view, when it's different than mine. Your taste, the things you picked out for your home, and the way you keep it clean. Remembering my likes and dislikes and using it to pick out thoughtful gifts for me. Your love and admiration for your dear Aunt, and telling her about me. Generosity, gentleness, concern for others. Being smart with money, using coupons, and sales. You care more about what's on the inside than the outside. The overall loyalty, dependability, and calmness of your personality, and the fact that you don't let these qualities prevent you from occasionally trying new things like paintball, surprising me with a dinner rendezvous, or wearing a musical snowman tie. The only way it could be better, is if I could make you happier, and in more ways . . . I'm trying to love you with a Christian love that is true, unconditional, inspiring, and pure. Also, I can't help loving you in a special way because you make me happy, you are a good example to me, and you make me want to be a better Christian woman. And everything I can see about you, on the inside and out, is just so precious and adorable.



After umpteen years and four kids with you, you are still that awesome dude I met in middle school. Alright, so maybe you're a little grayer and have traded in your football jersey for an argyle hoodie, but you sill make me grin like a bekilted schoolgirl. Love the hell out of you. Happy Valentine's Day.


Wendy, My Darling,

Thank you for all that you have brought into my life, and for being the rock of my life. I love you forever and hope that, one more time, you will be mine. Happy V Day, sweetheart.



Lets take another walk on the beach. I see our conch!



Happy Valentine's Day!!! Thank you for being mine for two years.



You rock so hard. I am so happy to be with you! Love x 10^5.






These have been the best years of my life. I hope that we can squeeze another 50 years into our time together. I hope you have a Super-de-Duper Valentine's Day filled with Flowers and Diamonds, well let's start with the flowers. I Love You My Dear

Papa B

Anne Wallace Howard,

Love you, HB. And much love to the 3rd floor, where Anne and I met, in a year that could be rough.

Gadi Dechter


you and I baby we go side by side. me and you, tell me what we're gonna do no matter what i came here to do no matter what you came here to say we really ain't got nowhere to go cuz your my tenderoni fo sho if i tell you how do my dancin' baby never let me get in those pants cuz your my tenderoni cant fight the feeling, won't get shut down, he let me slide enough. can't fight the feeling, wont get shut down, he'll always be my t-t-tenderoni no matter what i came here to do no matter what you came here to say we really ain't got nowhere to go cuz Alexey, you're my tenderoni you and i, baby we go side by side me and you, tell me what we're gonna do tenderoni . . .


Maurice Jr.,

Just wanted to say im glad time hasnt changed our friendship but has grown to be stronger! I love you always.

Denice A

Todd of the Natalie Portmen

Dear Todd,

Thanks for being in the worst band ever with me. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!

Justin of the Natalie Portmen

A Beautiful and Seductive Woman

Your eyes sparkle like the finest of jewels when I look into them

You are a beautiful woman, gem, and friend

Wishing you the Happiest of Valentine's Days

And thinking of sometime soon when friendship develops into something that can amaze!

A Man With a Good Ear

Karen KR,

I hope that you and I will remain happy always together for the next 30 years. That would be what I would like to see. I was hoping that we would have a romantic Valentine's Day weekend that is coming up as we enjoy that time together. I hope that as you read this at the club while riding that recumbent bicycle that you will realize that this is truly from me who wrote this. You know that it is truly me because no one else puts as many "thats" in a sentence that I do. I sincerely want you to know that I will love you always.

Bob RK


I'll always be your stuff! I love you forever and ever! Rock flag and Eagle.

The Thing


Let this be the first of many V-Days that don't involve 214-mile commutes. I love you, I love our new life together, and I am so excited about our future. And ur mom. I'm excited about her, too. *!


KMW Sr.,

I Was Made to Love You My Hands to Touch You My Arms to Hold You My Eyes to See You My Lips to Kiss You My Legs to Stand With You Forever A Life Together I Was Made Made to Love You


Sue S.,

112 down, infinity to go

Mike Z

One Len,

Happy Anniversary, Tink. I sure do miss my little China Girl. Remember, all your tomorrows shine!


Sara Worley

Hey sweetie! I love you! You mean more to me than anything else!



I love you!! I love you!! I LOVE YOU!!

Always yours,


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