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Patterson Park Is Pulling Together

Posted 3/18/2009

I would like to thank City Paper for its comprehensive coverage of the Patterson Park CDC and the impact it achieved in the neighborhoods in Southeast Baltimore ("Neighborhood Watch," Feature, March 11). While the loss of the PPCDC has many residents wary about the possible dangers to the stability of the community, neighborhood associations and other non-profits in the area continue to work together to identify the steps necessary to maintain forward progress.

Banner Neighborhoods, with the Friends of Patterson Park, the Southeast CDC, and the Patterson Park Public Charter School, working along with the Patterson Park Neighborhood Association and Patterson Place Association, have been strategizing ways to maintain the momentum that has been generated through organizing strong resident participation. Working together, we have succeeded at planning and implementing after-school youth activities, block parties, neighborhood clean ups, beautification projects, and other community events that bring people together and mobilize them towards making their neighborhoods greener, safer, and more socially connected. Community development necessitates both financial and social investment, which continues to be evidenced by the persistent work of groups who organize residents to strengthen their neighborhoods.

Jolyn Rademacher
Executive Director, Banner Neighborhoods Community Corporation

Steele Toad

I have always thought Michael Steele was a nice person (Social Studies, March 11). I think his "personality" apologized to Rush. I, like many others, felt Steele lost respect bending to a person who makes a living creating entertaining drama. Steele should have ignored Rush and stood by his remarks. Let's ask Colin Powell how being a black Republican requires the ability to bounce back after being hung out to dry! Remember he apologized as well.

Sharon Wright

Art Duel

To Stephen Dewyer, the man behind the Propositions show reviewed in last week's City Paper ("This Is Not a Pipe," Art, March 11).

It's a pity the golden age of dueling is over; when someone offends your sensibilities, it should be legal to present them with a public challenge. So the metaphorical glove is off; I challenge you to an art duel. Choose your weapon--carving mallets and marble at dawn, lost wax at noon, or maybe some Marquess of Queensberry fisticuffs in Pete Razon's wrestling ring. If you consider yourself an artist worthy of a curatorial position, I await your response.

The Lava Monster,

Clarke Agre

Trust Joan Pratt

I read Van Smith's "The Mexican Connection" (Mobtown Beat, March 4). The article is an introduction to a war between capitalism and the gatekeepers of world government.

After reading the bling-bling media hype article, I slowly but surely realized that propaganda is a useful tool to exploit the masses in their struggle for human liberation up against the conservative Christian entity of a sexist social political structure that keeps an economic system working against poor people to help them staying always hopeless, harmless, mentally-ill, homeless for long periods of time, and without prosperity of any kind.

As I see it, the drug business works in Baltimore City because drugs medicate the many physical and mental challenges poor people have to deal with daily without a universal health care program, poor people who are underemployed and with public conduct that exhibits low self-esteem, anger, bitterness, and rejection.

If there is a Baltimore drug conspiracy, there is surely a Baltimore conspiracy to get rid of all black women working in city government.

In his article Van Smith alleged that Baltimore Comptroller Joan Pratt had provided her support for a summer seminar that benefited students at a Baltimore City public school. The seminar program might have been associated with Lawrence Schaffner "Lorenzo" Reeves alleged drug entity associated with the Sinaloa cartel. I trust Joan Pratt and I believe she has done an excellent job for the city of Baltimore as its comptroller. Ms. Pratt's kindness reaches out to many individuals and organizations, because she is a good Christian who wants to help the voiceless.

Let's not misconstrue alleged facts that cannot be proven against Joan Pratt or anyone. It is written in the Bible, "Resolve this, not to put a stumbling block or cause to fall in our brother's (or sister's) way."

Larnell Custis Butler

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