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Reading the Fine Print

Posted 3/25/2009

You're kidding, right?

Either you're purposely driving your print readers away or forcing them to go online.

Ask any optometrist. Eight-point type or below is so difficult to read for a person with NORMAL vision that it's not worth it to make the effort. Reading City Paper now causes such eyestrain and difficult, second-reading interpretation that I just don't bother with it. I have normal vision.

What I do and probably most of your readers now do is use a magnifying glass to read Savage Love and fish wrap the balance--including all those ads in eight-point and below.

All that effort on your part every week for naught, just to save a few bucks at the printer. Why not tell your corporate masters you made a mistake and return to tabloid format?

You're kidding, right?

Your eyeball-aching ex-reader,

Paul Manacher

Editor's note: And the answer to the often-asked question is The Pain ends now, at least in City Paper. With this issue we bid farewell to Tim Kreider's comic The Pain--When Will It End?, which brings its run in these pages to a close after 12 years. Tim will continue doing new strips for, and may do other things for City Paper (we hope).

Also, don't forget about Shoot. Score. Baltimore., our short film contest; direct your browser here for details, with more updates to come this week.

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