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A Plague of Bed Bugs

Posted 7/8/2009

Your feature story on Mark Adams and his war against bed bugs unfairly targets Hispanics ("Parasite City," Feature, July 1).

I find that bed bugs plague all areas and thrive with gusto on the younger humans: those whose blood is not polluted by liquor, drugs, smoking. I live in upscale Mount Vernon in a costly condo development, and for two years, two of my three units have been infested. The professional treatment does not last, and the sprays we buy at stores or online grant only temporary relief.

Sometimes I wonder if suicide isn't the only way to escape them. They stroll across my morning newspaper, having hopped on it when I leave it on the bed. They follow me to breakfast, hopping on the table when I take out my hanky to sneeze.

I have a condo in Las Vegas that has bed bugs. Maybe they travel with me, but the casinos are alarmed to find them in the rooms. I have friends who do not want me to visit them, fearful I will bring my parasites with me. So my social life, as well as my body, suffers.

This issue is national. It's not just Baltimore, and it is the new plague. We could get it under control 20 years ago, but the government has banned the stronger pesticides we were able to use then. We are being disarmed just as the war is heating-up.

I suggest the Sunday talk shows feature bed-bugs and that talk show hosts receive calls on the issue.

America, United we stand; divided, the bugs win.

Mike Schaefer


Clinical Decisions

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent article addressing the closing of the Walter P. Carter Center ("No Care for the Homeless," Mobtown Beat, July 1) and calling out the state as well as University of Maryland Medical Center/School of Medicine for its lack of foresight and failure to assume responsibility for the patients here.

As a current employee in the methadone-treatment program being operated out of the Carter Center, I truly fear what will happen to my patients, and I hope that your article will inspire more attention to the needs of the patients seen here and evoke a greater sense of responsibility from the City of Baltimore, University of Maryland, and the state. Despite the methadone program's affiliation with the University of Maryland School of Medicine we face huge obstacles in finding a new location for our clinic due to Peter Angelos' Westside-development plans and I believe that on this current path, a lot of the individuals seeking treatment here are headed for disaster.

Amazing what some people will do for "the sake of progress." Again, thank you.

Sarah Lynam


Gangs of Baltimore

I just wanted to start off by saying that I greatly enjoy reading many of your paper's stories especially web exclusives. City Paper gives a real inside voice on the city and has stories that so many other news outlets just won't touch.

That being said, one of my favorite stories you've done is the Black Guerrilla Family (BGF) individual stories ("Family Portraits"). These all tend to be very interesting and after reading several of them. These all tend to be very interesting and after reading several of them, I will be even more interested to find out what fate bestows on many of these individuals. Unfortunately, there has not been a new story in over three weeks, and I would be very saddened if you were to stop doing these stories when you have only scratched the surface. There's so many interesting people to be informed about. There's Kevin Glasscho, who got his own indictment, Joe Taylor-Bey who is a whopping 60 years old. Heck there's Ray Olivis who the Maryland U.S. Department of Justice feel is Eric Brown's right-hand man.

So please don't give up on doing these stories, even if you are tired of BGF stories you could do some PDL [Pasadena Denver Lanes] Bloods stories--23 of them were indicted a few weeks ago. Anyways keep up the good work. Thanks,

Tim Johnson


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