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The Sound and the Furry

Posted 7/29/2009

I just got done reading the article on Karl Ekdahl about his new sound invention ("Style and Error," Big Music Issue, July 15). This guy is definitely a great asset to the already thriving and overflowing Baltimore musical community. He is also a really nice guy. I have the great pleasure of owning the Vaginator that was mentioned in the article. I believe there was only one made! You can hear recordings of it on my two latest releases, Arctic and HouseFucker. There is also a live recording from the Hexagon with LIVESHITBINGEPURGE where the Vaginator is abused. The link is:

Thanks again for the great article.

Alex Strama, aka Newagehillbilly

Everybody Must Read Stone

A great book deserves a good review. And sure enough, there it was: "Mr. Independent Press" in the July 15 City Paper by Edward Ericson Jr.

I watched when author D. D. Guttenplan appeared on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now to discuss his book American Radical: The Life and Times of I. F. Stone. It was a fabulous interview, as he simply told stories about Stone's remarkable life.

Then I was pleased to see that Ericson, in his review, also shared numerous stories on Izzy Stone's life. It was astonishing to read that Stone was a panelist on Meet the Press. Of course, he got banned from television for asking an impudent question. Today, radical thinkers are still largely banned from the corporate media airwaves.

The review pointed out that Stone had an FBI file of 6,000 pages, which was three times as large as the file kept on Al Capone. J. Edgar Hoover confirmed the pen is mightier than the sword. This sentence probably best captures who the journalist really was: "He was not always right, but he was always--or nearly always--honest, even when it hurt financially."

Readers might want to tune in to that June 18 Democracy Now show. Goodman played a television interview of Stone by Robert MacNeil and an audiotape of the muckraker speaking at a Vietnam teach-in at Berkeley in 1965.

As a fellow radical, I would argue that we still can learn so much from I. F. Stone. The review shares this quote: "I still believe the left will hang separately if it cannot hang together." Yes, what we could accomplish if only we hung together.

Max Obuszewski

Decrepit? At 40?

"It is laughable to think that the Walter P. Carter Center is decrepit and old, when the building is under 40 years old. The hospitals in Catonsville and Sykesville are older, and they are excellent facilities. The White House is older." ("Mental Challenge," The Mail, July 22)

"Laughable" is not a term I would have employed if the above statement is accurate. Is it?

Harold A. Maio

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