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Van's the Man

Posted 8/19/2009

I don't know what the rules/qualifications are for the Pulitzer Prize, but certainly Van Smith should be nominated for his Aug. 5 piece on the Black Guerrilla Family ("Black-Booked," Feature).

Richard L. Lelonek

Everything but a Child of God

I had just finished making my own version of mama's "down South" cabbage soup with a real green cabbage, a few golden-white potatoes, and some meat-dropping-from-the-bones chicken backs with lots of Louisiana seasonings and my mama's secret seasonings, when I decided to read Vincent Williams' "Cover of Darkness" (Social Studies, July 22).

Out of respect for Vincent Williams, after eating a few spoonfuls of my cabbage soup, I took a Tums so I would not have a sneaky fart while reading this one line: He wrote, "the nature of the internet promotes anonymity. And anonymity promotes cowardly shit."

Vincent Williams, may I inform you that your thinking consciousness is similar to Bill Cosby's privileged, impulsive, and ignominious speculations, which are relevant to no one except Bill Cosby, or you. As I see it, freedom of speech is imbued in the white folks' federal constitution, which covers cowardly shit.

Let Afrocentric Mother Larnell Custis Butler give you some black wisdom: I do not believe we need to disturb the speech or writing of any person because words get under our skin, or words hang around our consciousness to criminalize thoughts that other people's description of us niggles (my word) the mind of our soul to only accept certain speech or words.

Turn off the internet. Put a book between your hands. Free the mind.

Larnell Custis Butler

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