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We asked our talented freelance photographers . . .

What have you been doing since we stopped paying you?

Posted 8/26/2009

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Things are tough all over, and here at Baltimore's Most New Economic Weekly, we've made some less-than-thrilling adjustments, namely spending a lot less dough on all the stunning, award-winning* original photography we used to--and will again, dammit--be known for. In the meantime, please to enjoy a sampling of the work of these fine photographers who answered our call to show some work and discuss what they're doing, since we don't see as much of them these days. We encourage you to hit their web sites, check out their shows, and maybe hire them or buy some of their work. It'd be good for the Economy, right? (Joe MacLeod)

* City Paper freelancers John Ellsberry, Frank Hamilton, Frank Klein, Michael Northrup, Ryan "Rarah" Stevenson, and Jefferson Jackson Steele won first place for Best Photography among papers with a circulation of 50,000 and over in the 2009 Association of Alternative Newsweeklies Awards.

Editor's Note: Just so you know, a few of the images herein might be considered slightly not safe for work, or for young kids if you have any, though since you're reading this on the internet, you've probably seen plenty worse by accident while just clicking around.

Ben Cricchi

There is no better retreat than Smith Island in the early spring and fall. The mood is quiet and serene. These images were some of my first impressions of this secluded island in the Chesapeake Bay.

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