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We asked our talented freelance photographers . . .

What have you been doing since we stopped paying you?

Posted 8/26/2009

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Sam Holden

Taking a hard look at what I have, and trying to make the most out of it. This has become my mantra.

For years, I have proclaimed how lucky I am to get to do what I do--photograph people. This past year has changed the entire landscape of professional photography, not to mention the larger world outside of my bubble.

I refuse to watch darkroom technique, as a craft, disappear. After years of study, practice, and mastering a trade, I liken myself to a blacksmith. I do believe, as an artist of any kind, if you do what you do well and with passion for long enough, people will take notice. I maintain my commitment to preserving analog photography and the printing of photographs from film. Otherwise, I have wasted 30 years of effort.

So I reflect, observe, and embrace images long forgotten, as well as images yet imagined. This process has been spurred by working with my father on his archive, and images he has been sitting on for years. Revisiting and printing old negatives in a darkroom, with chemistry that I have to go to New York to purchase. I continue to work on personal projects , my studio, and everything inside it. I love this shit and would be lost without it.

While it's not the best time to be selling art, in 2008, I showed work in London, Berlin, Baltimore, and New Orleans. 2009 includes shows in the same cities, and a lot more time for fishing. 2010 and beyond? We'll see . . .

In addition to teaching lighting for photography at Towson University, I also tend bar at Peter's Inn on Thursday nights. I make a killer dirty martini, y'all.

Michelle Gienow

I'm a cul-de-sac cowgirl, a city chick with urban tastes and interests who finds herself living in the 'burbs with my two young sons. I am still not sure how this came to be.

I take lots of pictures of this strange place with toy cameras--quite literally, cameras made as toys for children.

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