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Consider the Source

Posted 9/9/2009

Google "Rosalind Nester Ellis" and you get more than 100 hits--including the smug, self-righteous letter that castigated Gary Kachadourian because he, by the way, happens to like the Jonathan Borofsky "Male/Female" sculpture ("Too Big, Too Bogus," The Mail, Aug. 26).

Ms. Ellis is a prolific writer of letters to editors of publications ranging from Time magazine to The Washington Times to City Paper (five letters from 2003-2009).

In a letter to The Examiner, in 2006, she concluded--after expressing her displeasure about illegal Mexican immigrants, as well as their children born in the United States--"Finally, since I admire America's English heritage, culture, language and legal system, I have no desire to be a 'welcoming society' for those who don't share my values." "Values" or intolerances?

She wrote it, plain as day: a proudly declared disregard for broad cultural experience, which is part of what contributes to the very openness that distinguishes artists from "those who make art."

Kachadourian has been for over 20 years the wheels, gears, grease, and horsepower behind many of Baltimore's most wonderful art events and a champion of the arts and fellow artists. We were lucky to have him working so tirelessly for so long. I'm very glad he'll have a chance to do more of his own art, which with millions of pencil marks makes the viewer pay closer attention to the smallest things, from grass blades to garbage cans, and see their unique surfaces and patterns.

Linda C. Franklin


Editor's note: Next week: our annual Best of Baltimore issue.

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