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Posted 9/16/2009

Astounding. Truly, truly astounding (Comics Contest, Sept. 9). How is it that, year after year, City Paper fosters the blithering insanity that is Larnell Custis Butler? When she was confined to The Mail, she was tolerable, though just barely. Now--dear God!--she's being PAID for being insane? Shall I defecate on a shoe and send it in for the Fiction Contest?

Steve Peterso

Editor Lee Gardner responds: Though we haven't confirmed details as of press time, we're told Ms. Butler would like her very modest pay donated to various charities, if it's any consolation.

What Harm, Indeed?

I am writing to suggest that City Paper invite the readership to submit short stories and poetry for publication on a weekly basis. I would enjoy reading the musings of my fellow Baltimorons, and I'm sure it would be an instant success. After all, what harm could become of it? We might even give each other a cause to pause and think about something outside of ourselves. Thanks.

Steve Zyla
Glen Burnie

Correction: Stewart Levine, not Michael Levine, was the co-promoter of the Zaire 74 concert documented in the film Soul Power ("The Spirit of '74," Film, Sept. 2).

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