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Don't Ask Larnell

Posted 12/2/2009

Enough is enough is enough is ENOUGH! OK, I was with you guys on the Larnell Custis Butler comic winning [the Comics Contest]. I know it didn't win on merit, which sucks for the "real" cartoonists, but dang, this ship sunk like after the fourth installment. Maybe it was never afloat to begin with.

I was so anxious to see where'd she go, [contest judge] Benn Ray, I thought you guys were onto something. I was a BELIEVER! Not anymore, however. It's awful, and not awful to the point it's good, but just plain awful. It's like opening the pages and seeing a rotting dead body in a vacant house. I don't even know what else to say about it. I'm just plain disappointed. It's . . . bad. I mean, even the little speech bubbles or whatever, they are usually out of place so you read them out of order. LCB, we read left to right, OK?

On the other hand, she is a great illustrator, you guys should use her to illustrate some of your stories.

Peat Marwick

Larnell Custis Butler's cartoons are infuriating to me on a number of levels, but I just figured out the major reason why they so bother me. Her cartoons always read from right to left. This is not the convention English follows. English, and, as far as I know, the majority of languages, reads from left to right. If Larnell were writing in Hebrew or Japanese or Arabic, the orientation of her cartoons would make sense. If she wishes her conceits to be understood in some way, she should flip her cartoons over before filling in the word bubbles. I suspect some people will still have enormous problems with her self-referential, preachy drivel, but at least it will read correctly.

Steve Peterson

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