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Beans and Fiends

Posted 12/9/2009

Doesn't it occur to our city that the stabbing at Beans and Bread is the reason local residents are opposed to that facility's expansion? ("Beans and Dread," Mobtown Beat, Nov. 25) Why do residents in Baltimore have to fight the Catholic Charities monolith by themselves? It is the city's job, too.

I happened to visit Beans and Bread months ago and was appalled by flyers on the bulletin boards advertising for cocaine or heroin users. These addicted clients were being urged to contact researchers and would be paid for their time. Such a clientele is dangerous and a hazard to any community, yet have been attracted into the area by the services offered at the homeless center.

I fail to comprehend why the Catholic Church, in its effort to help the homeless, fails to comprehend the dangers this population poses. My neighborhood has finally been able to cure the blight of a homeless park at the St. Vincent de Paul Church. Although the original effort may have been altruistic, the park became a disgrace and health and safety hazard. Additionally, our neighborhood was plagued with car break-ins, filth, panhandling, and worse. Thanks to the effort of Downtown Partnership and enlightened members of the church, the park has been cleaned and gated.

The threats to kill and the subsequent stabbing that took place at Beans and Bread should be taken into account by Baltimore zoning officials and the permit to expand Beans and Bread nullified.

Rosalind Ellis

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