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Tomorrow Knows

Posted 12/30/2009

Tom Tomorrow (This Modern World) is more right than he knows on Obama's liberal Democratic wars.

In his cartoon of Dec. 9, he correctly stated that voters projected onto candidate Obama what they wanted him to be, while he, meanwhile, clearly stated he would ramp up our current second war in Afghanistan, just as LBJ did in Vietnam during his first year in office. The results will, again, be the same. To give President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize as he--like Nixon in 1970--prepares to expand the war into Pakistan is like promoting sex to save virginity. Thus, the Nobel Peace Prize has lost all credibility as a positive force for peace in the world.

Between now and 2016, all of Maryland's current federal elected officials--with the possible exception of Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-4th)--will be defeated at the polls. This will be either by anti-war challengers in their own primaries, or by moderate Republicans over these escalating, crazy wars if they are so foolish as to continue backing them. The canard that they are being fought to defeat terrorism is a lie. They are being waged instead to position us for our own future economic war with China: in Iraq to deny the PRC navy the vital oil it wants to become an all-blue ocean force, and in Afghanistan and next in Pakistan in order to outflank her geopolitcally and strategically on her own frontiers. That's the "history" of the next five years in a nutshell. That is also why the U.S. Navy continues to launch more, bigger, and vastly more expensive naval surface units--it's certainly not to deter Somali pirates, which we can't seem to do because the Indian Ocean is too large! Election year 2010 will be the starting point to halt Vietnam the Sequel by throwing these warmongers out of office. They will all talk peace, but will all vote for war credits to keep funding our wars everlasting, starting with Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D), who should know better.

Do not be deceived. Give peace a chance.

Blaine Taylor

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