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Moving On

Posted 2/17/2010

I was very glad to see Tom Chalkley's musings on Sheila Dixon in the Jan. 13 issue ("Oh, Sheila!," Feature) Frankly, after all the coverage (including my favorite--Jean Marbella's "Finding Clues to Dixon's Jury Mood in Member's Hair," which she admitted stemmed from " the courtroom version of cabin fever"), it was a relief to see this kind of personal reflection on how people were taking in the story and its implications. Chalkley is a sharp observer of city life and politics (and in the interest of full disclosure, a friend), with the integrity and smarts not to shoot from the hip but to give us a well-thought-out, nuanced response. Contrary to what some readers expressed, I don't think we need more coverage of the sordid, sad events (please God, no)--we need to reflect and move on.

Miriam Tillman

Correction: Due to an editing error, the hip-hop MC Wordsmith was misidentified as Wordsworth in our Feb. 3 story on the Under Sound label ("Kinda Like Something Big," No Cover) City Paper regrets the error.

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