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I'm Responible (Sort of)

Posted 5/19/2010

I loved the eat kids at schools photo from Devin Byrnes (Whose Responible, April 28).

And I guess I'm partly responible [sic, naturally . . . to my stomach]. Creative Director John Burk and I respectively designed and wrote the great kids, great schools banners while at the ad agency Cornerstone.

I don't recall us advocating cannibalism, though--school lunches can be terribly fattening.

Patchen Mortimer

Editor's note: The films are in, the judges have spoken, and on May 26, the finalists in City Paper's Shoot. Score. Baltimore. short film contest will screen at the Creative Alliance and prizes will be handed out to the winners, including a special Audience Favorite award determined by the audience members, aka you, potentially. See for more details.

And with this issue, we say a fond farewell to Erin Sullivan, City Paper's managing editor for the past eight years. Erin is leaving Baltimore to take over as the editor of CP sister paper Orlando Weekly. If it benefits half as much from Erin's hard work and level head as this paper has, it'll be lucky. Not only has she transformed our news coverage during her tenure, but her own reporting has provided a lens into the functioning (and dysfunctioning) of social services and social justice in this city, among many other topics. And outside the office, her work with pitbull rescue has been invaluable to the often maligned dogs and those in this city who love them. In short, she'll be missed, and we wish her the very best of luck.

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