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Indicting the State's Attorney

Posted 7/28/2010

City Paper writes "Violent criminals have a two-out-of-three chance of beating their charges in Baltimore, even if they are flagged as repeat offenders." ("Room for Improvement," Mobtown Beat, July 14). This should provide fuel for contenders for Office of State's Attorney. The incumbent has been a dismal failure in successful prosecutions. She has a lot of excuses but nothing else.

Richard L. Lelonek

Still Separate

Howell Baum's letter about the review of his book Brown in Baltimore split hairs about how liberals regard race relations, etc.--the schools are still segregated for Chrissake! ("Apply Liberally," The Mail, July 7) Whether it was racist "liberals" or racist racists responsible, children would receive vastly more education being next to children of another race. Whatever happened to busing? It's still a good idea.

Of course, no one wants to talk about it--not blacks or whites.

Of course, there are no classes in high school on such basics as sex or how to make money or self-esteem or issues of class and race in general, either.

At this anniversary of the classic book on race relations--To Kill a Mockingbird--may I bring to readers' attention another more recent classic? Blood Done Signed My Name by Timothy Tyson.

Dave Eberhardt

Face Issues

I read your column on Angelina Jolie "pretending" to be black again. ("The Color of Cleo," Social Studies, June 23). Well, until Hollywood stops casting on "face" with black actresses, more power to Jolie. Please don't get my daughter started on how horrible Precious casting ruined a great book. By the way, did Mariah Carey sell millions of CDs "pretending" she can act?

Let me know when real black actresses are getting good roles again, then I'll join your anti-Jolie bandwagon. Until then, I just enjoyed Book of Eli and More Than a Game.

Sharon Wright

Correction: Our July 21 story on community reaction to the Remington development mistakenly reported that the City Council's Land Use and Transportation Subcommittee would be meeting July 22 to consider living-wage legislation. It was, in fact, a subcommittee of the council's Budget and Appropriations Committee that held a hearing on the bill and eventually allowed it to die.

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