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Did Redistricting Move You? Find Out How

By Staff | Posted 7/31/2002

Quick question: What district do you live in? Not sure, are you? After the big redistricting, chances are you're in a different one than you were in the last election. Here's how to find out online. It's a little cumbersome, but district boundaries can be explored on a block-to-block basis.

Go to the home page of the state Board of Elections. In the right-hand column, under the Maryland Districts section, click on the hyperlink labeled "map," which takes you to a map of the new state legislative districts. Point your cursor to a location on the map, click, and the map zooms in where you pointed. Repeat until you get to the map size you need to determine your district. If you zoom in too far, click on "zoom out" and the map again to reverse the process. To explore the congressional district map, click on "Choose a new map," highlight "Congressional Plans" and "Governor's Plan of 2002," and click "Show Map." When the map comes up, start zooming.

City Paper will run tips on how to use the Internet to inform yourself about the candidates periodically throughout the campaign season.

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