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Posted 8/6/2003

I very much appreciated Blake DePastino's thoughtful review of Charmopolis (Art, July 30.). What concerned me was how much ink DePastino spent discussing the review of the same show in The Sun. Nobody expects pop music to do anything more than pop, we all know that the gourmet hot dog is an oxymoron. Why expect The Sun's art coverage to be anything other than what it is? Stop wasting column inches.

Kini Collins

The Truth is Out There

Allow me to first give you credit for doing some rather good research. I never imagined my registration with SETI would ever be newsworthy (Ballot Stuffing, July 30).

Perhaps you should check out, which I am also a member of. It runs a program similar to SETI that uses user computers to crunch information in the hop of finding cures for diseases such as smallpox and cancer (

I stand behind my installation of these programs, and I explain to each computer owner what they do and how to uninstall them if they wish. With the numbers of cancer patients in Maryland alone, we should have these programs running on all government machines. Instead of having scrolling words of "This computer is currently locked," we can have the computers actually doing something to better the city, state, and human race.

I do not believe a universe this size only contains the life on our small planet (and neither must at least 4,606,864 others). Therefore when I first read an article in the paper about Setiathome and saw it was conducted at Berkeley, and not from somebody's basement, I figured I'd give a try. I want to thank you for showing me the user page since I need to update it.

Your article also mentions the CitiStat and 311 service, but it fails to detail the service or the multitude of complaints citizens have with the 311 service. It's a good idea, but falls well short of actually working, and anyone who uses it will tell you the same.

Brandon Katz

The writer is a 1st District City Council candidate.

Taking the Fifth

I appreciate the comic relief contained in your article "Into the Woods," wherein the present state of affairs of the 5th District City Council seat and the "track" record of Rikki Spector was discussed (Campaign Beat, July 30).

Ms. Spector, along with Ms Holton and Ms Rawlings, represents the residents, business community, and the various institutional residents (Sinai Hospital, Pimlico racetrack, Seton Business Park, Red Cross, NAACP) with the open ears and respect that I can only wish on other communities.

Northwest Baltimore is a tremendously diverse and stable community with residents of every color and faith working together to better their respective neighborhoods.

This stability is largely due to the hard work, diligence, and willingness to listen and learn that our councilwomen bring to the table day in and day out. It is a disappointment to many that we have new city councilmanic districts and we will no longer have three awesome women representing us instead of having a sole councilperson.

We all should vote and vote for the woman who will represent all our interests, have the greatest degree of credibility, work ethic, and vision to facilitate the growth, protect the integrity and historic attributes of our respective communities and certainly not embarrass the 5th District in city hall, Annapolis, or in the media.

Having worked closely with Ms Spector for years in my professional, personal, and community endeavors, I can unconditionally state that "Rikki" is no pushover, is in nobody's pocket or pocketbook, and rarely will she fail to give you the honest and fact-laced reality within which she operates and others issues are mired within.

Who cares who she dates or where she sleeps? Or, moreover, with whom she is intimate? What is critical to disseminate is that nobody at the present time is capable of dealing with the myriad of issues within the 5th District, nor capable of managing the 5th as a sole councilperson after it was mandated the councilmanic districts be redrawn.

Perhaps Mr. Kerpelman, upon removing his head from his woods, should do a "Google search" and reread the opinion relative to Clarence Blount and his residency issues and how the state's highest court ruled therein.

Eric Benzer

Schlong Ago

In the July 30 issue of City Paper, the Straight Dope by Cecil Adams claims that the penis of John Dillinger is not and has not been displayed at the Smithsonian Institute (

In 1968 my eighth-grade class at St. Philips and James School went on a field trip to the Smithsonian. Several of us went to see the medical displays in a side hall to the main building. Next to several shrunken heads, a pickled elephantitis leg, and Gen. Daniel Sickles' amputated leg shattered at Gettysburg, was John Dillinger's penis.

It was displayed with the leg and hip in a large bottle of oil. The penis itself, I would guess, was approximately 18 inches long, limp, and about one inch in diameter.

This is my best recollection of my only visit to the Smithsonian.

James Aguirre

Corrections: In the July 23 feature "And They're Off", we incorrectly identified Michelle Rosenberg. She is no longer regional vice chair of the Maryland Democratic Party. In that same feature, we also failed to note that 13th District candidate Mel Freeman is actually a full-time candidate for Baltimore City Council. He used to work for the Greater Baltimore Committee.

In last week's feature story on the Station North Arts District ("Your Art Here"), a quote in the photo caption on page 17 was mistakenly attributed to Dennis Livingston. The quote should have been attributed to Charles Smith.

Clarification: In the Mobtown Beat story on the Jonah House nuns who were arrested for smearing their blood on a missile silo in Colorado, it should be noted that it is not illegal for the United States to possess a limited number of Minuteman III missiles. According to the United Nations and the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, it is illegal to put those weapons into use against another nation.

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