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The Mail

Your Check's in the Mail

Posted 5/7/2003

I've been a steady reader for the last four years. Though I must admit the first two years were entirely spent reading Savage Love and Freewill Astrology. But now I can't wait until Wednesday, which is now almost as big as payday. I've found more to love in This Modern World, Political Animal, Third Eye, Mr. Wrong, etc.

I value your articles more than The Sun's. These days it seems like they're trying to play catch up. I appreciate that your Maryland Film Festival edition was available last week. It provided a lot of depth--summaries and articles--on the films showcased. Now the night of the festival The Sun's "LiVE!" edition has a special pullout list of activities. Please continue the "Better LiVE!-Ing" articles (April 30). I'm sure eventually The Sun will get it right.

Nicole Amos

It's A Lulu

I would like to wholeheartedly support Joseph Giordano and Amanda Ripley, who called for Ziggy-With-a-Hat to be eradicated and for Emily Flake's brilliant and delightful Lulu Eightball to take over its space (The Mail, April 30). Lulu Eightball is undeniably the best comic this paper will ever hope to feature, especially given that it's exclusive to City Paper. You have been given a beautiful and precious thing, and having to see that abominable Ziggy-With-a-Hat out of the corner of my eye while reading it is getting old. And the online Lulu Eightball archive is still missing the 2002 strips, including the monkeys who wear socks and are bashful!

Don't take Lulu Eightball for granted--it is all that keeps some of us going through the week. Give it the respect it's due, and give Ziggy the boot.

Martin Marks
Glen Burnie

Correction: The photographs and interviews for last week's How's It Goin'? (April 30) were taken and conducted, respectively, by Uli Loskot, not Christopher Myers, as mistakenly indicated in the byline. Sorry, Uli.

Editor's note: Hey, don't sleep on CP's annual Fiction and Poetry Contest. Please see the ad on page 21 for details on how you can become a genuine published author in pages of our July 2 issue, and win cash prizes to boot.

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