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Seuss Power

Posted 3/26/2003

Oh, tell me some more of the Go-Goop-er War.
The fate of the tremors of Us-ers and Them-ers.
Will the Great Tower fall kursplat on them all?
Will stupid ol' Shrub catch his nibs in his craw?

I don't want to watch, but I do want to know
If Shrub gets come-uppance from the Them-ers below.
And, oh, if he does . . . if his tower does blow,
I hope I'm the one who says, "I told you so."
For I told Them he couldn't be trusted, you know.

I told them he'd stolen the big Tower's Wheel,
Where the Big Wheeler-Dealers you speak of congeal.
But no-one would listen, their brains were too small.
And now we've a Shrub in charge of it all.

The trouble with speaking circuitous rhyme is
That it makes all your sentences twine.
And when all you want is to say, "It was fun."
You find yourself saying, "Go-Goop-er Buzz Done."
Which means nothing, of course, but you can't help yourself,
So you stop pushing buttons and. . . .

Lynda Case

Green Power

In reference to Brennen Jensen's article "The Real McCoy" and the question "What makes an Irish pub an Irish pub?" (Charmed Life, March 19): As any rational person can see, it is racial self-esteem--a type of pride that bonds people together and makes them want to be as one. The Irish are the only immigrant group who have a parade once a year to honor one of their own, which demonstrates that they have an extraordinary amount of respect for each other.

I'm not going to call them by name, but there are people in America who could learn about racial self-esteem from the Irish.

Leo Williams

Black Power

I have been reading City Paper for more than eight years now and I am still amazed by one fact. City Paper has a knack for finding writers (not journalists) who don't possess the ability to check facts. I have read articles, reviews, and political commentary in which the facts were completely wrong, misrepresented, or twisted so much they resembled lies.

Today, however, it is one writer's opinions I will be trying to correct. Anna Ditkoff wrote about my place of employment, and secondary home, Club Orpheus, in her most recent Bar Scars column (March 19). Aside from several quips about individuals, which I am sure she thought humorous, and some name-dropping of popular bands, I can't find much substance to her article. My humble opinion, Ms. Ditkoff, contrary to your assertion at the beginning of your piece, is that you were never a "goth." You dressed the part a few years back but never embraced the subculture or its meaning. You don't even know how to get a cab out of Little Italy at 2 a.m. in your getup. As you obviously don't need it, why don't you sell your "goth garb" to a thrift store?

"Someone's grandma," is actually Ricky Gomez, one of the co-owners of the club. The other, Mitch, would have been working hard behind the bar. The Mardi Gras theme was welcomed by most of the regulars. The girl-positive aspects of our scene are in no way negated by the fact that some of the females who come to Orpheus are comfortable with their bodies and like to show them off. Did you know that exhibitionism is a fetish? Did you know that by wearing a collar as a fashion accessory, you yourself could have been considered a fetishist? Fetish isn't all overt gestures and spankings for show. It contains subtleties I'm sure would be lost to most outsiders. The only way Ms. Ditkoff seems to embrace any subculture is with cynicism and sarcasm.

I hope in the future that City Paper finds better writers, but I honestly hold no hope for that possibility. Instead, how about you have them at least get their facts straight, and their negativity sorted out?

Jennifer "Tiger" Torre-Oatis

I am the official spokesperson/assistant ringleader for Club Orpheus' Taboo, B-more's best and only fetish dance party. I recently read Anna Ditkoff's Bar Scars column, and I was highly offended. There were certain things that should have been best left unprinted. I am aware of freedom of speech and that this was a review, however, there were derogatory things said about my patrons and the owner.

As far as there being no live BDSM, our hands are are tied (no pun intended). In the state of Maryland, flagellation is illegal in a public setting. We advertise themes and overtones, not live BDSM. We are a dance party first and foremost. We are not goth/industrial. We are unique in the fact that we cater to all "freaks." We have all kinds in there, including preps. We also have pansexuality. Ms. Ditkoff did not ask anyone--staff or customers--so that is an uneducated review. As far as Mardi Gras, no one was forced to participate. Femme independence would also be the ability to flash if they so choose. What really incensed me was her unfavorable references to my patrons, which I care not to repeat. Also, that was the owner she referred to as "[s]omebody's grandma." There was no need for that in the review.

Spider De Jesus

District Power

I am a homeowner in Charles Village, and I'm concerned about the recent negative press in City Paper regarding the Charles Village Community Benefits District. I have been a resident of Baltimore City for 20 years. I've lived in Mount Vernon, Hampden, and Cedarcroft. When purchasing my home in Charles Village I considered the existence of the Benefits District to be a major selling point. I looked at houses in Charles Village in 1990 and 1993, prior to the authorization of the Benefits District. Both times I dismissed the neighborhood, deciding that the houses were losing value and that the crime statistics were too high. When it came time to purchase my third home, I considered moving to Baltimore County but, after extensive research, decided on my house in Charles Village, which I purchased in June 2000. In less than two years my property has doubled in value, I'm extremely satisfied with the safety and sanitation services provided by the Benefits District and would hate to see it disappear. I believe the community would suffer adversely. I feel that the $100 surtax I pay each year is well worth it.

Carol Westcott

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