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Posted 1/29/2003

As a longtime reader and admirer of City Paper, it is with great pain that I must point out an error in the "Benchmark" article in the Jan. 22 edition of City Paper. On Page 20 there is a photo of a bench in the 600 block of North Highland Avenue. This, you have listed as being in Baltimore Highlands, but Baltimore Highlands neither has a North Highland Avenue, nor is even in the city. Baltimore Highlands is in ZIP code area 21227, which is in Baltimore County. Just thought I'd clear that up, not to confuse some readers.

Bill Fitzgerald
Glen Burnie

Editor Lee Gardner responds: While there is a Baltimore Highlands neighborhood in Baltimore County, the bench in question is located in a Baltimore City neighborhood designated Baltimore Highlands on the city's official neighborhood map, which we used as our guide for all the neighborhood names used in the piece. I'm sure that CP copy editor Christopher Skokna would appreciate me noting at this point that he urged against using specific neighborhood names in the piece to avoid just such confusion.

I Got It, I Got It

This is in response to letter from Rebecca McMackin, the young lady with the sign at the Washington rally (The Mail, Jan. 22). First of all, you don't know me to say I have no sense of humor and can't take a joke. Just because I didn't find your sign funny doesn't mean I'm wrong to have expressed an opinion, be it positive or negative. I take your letter as a personal attack, and I hope you're satisfied.

I don't attend anti-war rallies because I don't see a point in my being there. They aren't for everyone. Personally, I'm not against Texas or the current president, thank you very much. As a person of color, at least I'm trying to give him a chance instead of verbally bashing him whenever he's on television. Oh, I'm sorry! Does that make me a sellout as well as humorless?

Medina Krause

P.S. I can be sarcastic, too, but the point of my writing that previous letter was not to be sarcastic. I thought the November cover photo and story were long over and done with. Oh, and my appropriate title is Mrs., not Ms.

Left Out

After returning home from the same anti-war demonstration in D.C. the Nose attended, I discovered that some loving neighbor had etched fuck you, liberal! in the sparkling snow on my car's windshield (The Nose, Jan. 22.

Ah, Republicans . . . the bastions of right-minded thinking and good, Christian behavior. Love thy neighbor ring any bells? I wonder why it is that Republicans are so threatened by bumper stickers? They are so insecure and afraid of dissent that they feel it necessary to deface someone else's property in order to . . . do what exactly? I don't really understand what the point of the fuck you was, but I do know that it just steeled my reserve. Being a liberal and a Democrat is becoming harder and harder in this police state the U.S. is becoming. I am sometimes nervous about voicing any political opinions outside of Charles Village and Mount Vernon because I wonder who will yell at me that I am a traitor.

Without dissent, this country means nothing. If liberals allow our voices to be silenced, we will lose. There were easily a half-million people on the Mall on Saturday. We are not alone, no matter what the mainstream media tells us. Do not back down. Laugh at the people who call you a traitor. Believe that you are right. I'm sorry . . . I mean left.

Katie Lambert

Eyewitness Blues

I am deeply saddened by the fact that unabashed racism continues to this day as evidenced in the letter to the editor by Daisha Lyell in the Jan. 1 issue (The Mail). "If this had been a white child, the press would have been on the case night and day," she writes. Ms. Lyell, were you at the impromptu memorial service held near where poor little Marciana Monia Ringo's body was recovered in Harford County? Well, I was, and so was the press. Were you at the memorial services held in the median strip near Marciana's home and school? Well, I was, and so was the press. Did you by any chance attend Marciana's funeral, in the church that was literally overflowing with friends, family, police officers, and the press? Well, I did.

I suppose you were totally unaware that the Baltimore City detectives on this case had pictures of Marciana posted all over their squad room, with the goal of finding and apprehending Jamal Abeokuto before Christmas, perhaps as some small "Christmas gift" to Marcie's family and friends. He was captured on Dec. 24.

You also wrote, "I am surprised they let him go being that he was black." Funny, but I can't help but wonder if you would be the first person in line screaming racism! if poor little Marcie had been white, and Abeokuto had been kept in custody ("being that he was black"). It is both sad and literally disgusting that people inject race into such a horribly tragic situation such as this. Oddly enough, such attitudes that seemingly denounce racism are actually racist in and of themselves, and only serve to perpetuate racism.

I'm sorry, but this is one Caucasian person with a heart and soul who apparently never got the message that us "white people" are inherently racist. "I humbly apologize that I was not at all concerned for the safety or whereabouts of this (black) child. After all, I am white."

Fred Longhenry

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